THIS ARTICLES is  NOT TO PUBLISH ANY PRESIDENT OR any BODY BUT TO NARRATE HOW WEAK AFRICAN PRESIDENT CAN BE in governing their people sometimes they say white is perfect but is a big lie they are no where close to perfection , the funny Thing  is that black people want to make themselves perfect by pretending to behave like white by not apologizing to what ever wrong they do or take part in , if am to say a black Nigeria or an Africa person will never resign no matter what happen in the office he is holding or ruling , it is just every where here in Africa, you or I cant just finishing counting if we have to count , in a school that held protest and a student gave up to ghost , the Vice chancellor did not resign, he deny not even knowing such happened eg university of port Harcourt rivers state port Harcourt Nigeria.  For a sample an ongoing recruitment on MIGRATION SERVICES that killed almost 10 person and above the then minister was still walking freely and doing his normal job as if such never happened,  I write


this to correct issues boarding minds , body and soul a sick person is not really a person who needs drugs or care for all the time , yes as we all know when a person is sick the person needs all the care and drugs in this world to survive , but in actual view  a sick political leader is a person who needs advice,directions love for other tribe , in most cases


most of the black presidents are sick in nature, unemployment, corruption ,attitudes towards putting your best in your duty post injustice leads to jungle justice among the masses ,  some day bush meat go catch the hunter this simply means that one day, those political holders stealing the nation wealth will  be stoned someday if care is not taken ,


Characteristics of a sick political holders

  • Embezzlement Theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to the nations
  • No political good will for this people




  • When there is no plan for the young timing young /and the ones still coming up


  • A political leader that doesn’t take advice from his people


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