Africa/Nigeria falls among 15 most deadly country in the world

Am  so surprise seeing Nigeria as 15th  in the whole wide world by global peace index ranking that’s means anytime soon Nigeria will be out of that list by all means the president is really working  but the NDA  (NIGER DELTA AVENGERS) are not making it easy for him with their target and shoot approach to pipeline explosion there and here , with the recent report by global peace index we will get there soon by his grace  and take a good look of the list  of unsafe countries  you visit at your own risk round the world .Global Peace Index has released a report on global ranking of countries according to their level of danger.




Some African countries are among the most affected by war, terrorism and political instability.

Nigeria was ranked the 15th most dangerous country in the world.IN Nigeria situation if the government can as well provide basic amenities this crime  will reduce without people /Youth involving in much crime though we all know we can never have a free crime society in the world  as a black nation we are industrious , hard working , capital intensive people , happy people , we love one another  no matter the social cultural difference among us it is the politicians that are causing all the division we see here and there among the citizen of Nigeria.


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This year’s report, published on June 8 by the Institute for Economics and Peace, assessed 163 nations.

According to the report, the countries which became more violent in the last one year include Yemen, Ukraine, Turkey, Libya, and Bahrain.

Meanwhile, Panama, Thailand, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Mauritania became considerably more peaceful, showing signs of impressive improvements compared to last year.

List of the most dangerous countries:

  1. Syria
  2. South Sudan
  3. Iraq
  4. . Afghanistan
  5. Somalia
  6. Yemen
  7. Central African Republic
  8. Ukraine
  9. Sudan
  10. Libya
  11. Pakistan
  12. Democratic
  13. Republic of the Congo
  14. Russia
  15. North Korea
  16. Nigeria

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