1. This report is to help students cover up and present a good community service report


Community Service does not have just one single meaning. It means something different to every person in the world. To me, Community Service means not only helping your Community, but also your school, state, country etc.

Community service provides the opportunity for students to share their knowledge, skills and abilities with someone who might not have benefited from such actions.

I believe community service is very important. The best thing a person can donate is their time. I feel it’s every individual’s responsibility to help others in their community and beyond,

It’s has help me to develop better leadership skill, I believe that community service prior to graduation will give me a better idea of what to expect once I am gradated.


DAY 1 14/03/2016

You will be  asked to meet your community service supervisor at his office in campus. He gave us an orientation on community service, what it entails, the do’s and the don’ts. He also told us that community service is a course that cannot be waived by the school. It is a course that everybody needs to pass.

After the lecture, he shared us into groups from letter A-M with each group comprising of twenty students. He asked us to meet him on the Thursday of that same week ,


DAY 2 17/03/2016

There was a heavy down pour, Most of us were there but our supervisor did not come.



DAY 3 24/03/2016

We went to there and found our Supervisor already waiting for us. I and my group members followed him to the place he gave us our assignment inside the street. We were asked to clear the drainage, our group leader and some of our members went to get wheel barrow, head pans, cutlasses and shovels.

The males in my group dug the drainage because it was filled with sand while the females had to carry the sand to the refuse dump. We worked till past 8 o’clock until our Supervisor asked us to leave for our various homes because of safety reasons. He asked us to come back the next day to come and complete the work.


DAY 4 31/03/2016

We met the next Thursday again at the same venue. Our supervisor gave grades to each group for the first assignment. After the giving g grades, he assigned each group to another assignment. He asked us to clean a drainage. Both the males and the females dug the sand out of the drainage and we were being given our marks, we took pictures as we were working and also when we were through with our work.

My Community service experience has had a great impact in my life. It has helped me to offer selfless service to the community where we worked. The cleaning of the drainage has benefited the people in that Area because the issue of flooding will stop and the water in the drainage would have access to flow. There would be less mosquitoes because there would be no stagnant water in the drainage, thereby reducing the risk of contracting malaria.

I suggest that schools should invest more time and money into community service so that students would not be forced or compelled to go for community service but they would rather see it as a means of helping out their country. There should be cash or other rewards for the best group, so that the zeal to work and help out their community or country would be in them.


It is important that schools should make community service a necessity for every student f the higher institution to donate their time in helping their country, community and society at large when the need arises.

The students should in turn see it as a selfless service to humanity and a stepping stone to their greatness in life.










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