How to build on your blog post and how to write good articles on events is just as simple as you think all you have to do is put yourself in the picture of that event , create an action to guide you moving on to this phase of your writing , for example if you are writing about relationship you really need to  be emotional about you writing if not you will miss so many step on writing, after creating an action  then you direct your actions with your mind , simply just put down all you feel in that relationship  , put down the impact, the stress , the smooth time, the romantic aspect, bla bla bla.

For a writer writing about  Nigeria  matters or situation , all you need to look inward on the present situation ,around for example the buhari administration , you talk about the downward price of oil price , the effect on the economy situation around , you talk about the , no salary syndromes, the probe saga , the recovering loots , the pdp saga  the boko haram menaces , the efcc saga around , the biafra issues

For a person writing about sex, lol


You talk about wooing , you talk about how to satisfy her , loffing her/him  to bed, being attractive at night ,

For a person writing about church , you talk  about the the services the render a the place of worship , how the member treat and behavior , talk about how they praise their living GOD ,

For a writer talkin about criminals and how to know a thief or a criminal around your area. Is really a tough writing here because no body wanna put himself as a criminal while doing anything in life , but as a writer is you job to alays create an event and action in your visual/mind/and actions in your mind. So as a criminal you have to think deep as a criminal, you  write about , how the person act oor thinks his attitudes and taught towards things around, his doing you think like a criminal to catch a criminals that’s why many people call the police officers criminals , catching a criminals  you think about every next moves he is willing to make you think 5steps ahead of him you talk 5steps ahead of a normal person


For a writer talking about marriage one should but in mind about dating first , one should picture love as one of the most important .courtship and respect /talk about  how they first met , how they fell in love with each other .  see you soon at writing a post or articles about events around you really have to create an event within your personal self first

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