2 Killed Over Accused Of Witchcraft



This is really a sad one , for killing two person because of witchcraft is really a bad news at this 21century sometimes I ask don’t we have a constitution in this country or is the north no longer part of Nigeria , this northern Nigeria are also known for trouble news ,around them , If I must say this government has failed the good people of that state , one thing is sure , karma must pay his way back to the people(evil people ) people take laws into their hands all in the name of belief or religion and otherwise lack of education , people should respect natural law of nature , people should preach peace , no religion or group has the right to take someone’s  else life you did not create , let no tribe ., I repeat let no tribe thinks he or she is superior to others .. the story goes like this a boy was sick and later gave up to ghost , an uncle and a grandfather was accused of witchcraft meaning they took the boys life , instead of looking into the matter by reporting to the relevant agent of the country (police officer, civil defense and so on ) some group of persons felts it  was their right to take laws into their hands by killing the accused persons which is not fair or good if any religion preaches killing that religion has to be looked into again this is totally unacceptable by TRUE GOD.

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Some persons were , accused of being involved in witchcraft, were beaten to death over the mysterious demise of a 400 level undergraduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Allahmagani Reuben.

Yohanna Kaburat and Kaburat Adang, who are uncle and granddad to Allahmagani, individually, were murdered by adolescents of Hurgyam in Ayagan District of Zangon Kataf Local government Area of Kaduna State for supposedly planning the demise of Allahmagani through witchcraft.


The occurrence happened on Saturday night, July 2, 2016. Adolescents of the group, it was accumulated, went furious when they found that the 400 level understudy, fell debilitated and kicked the bucket a week after.


Authority Sunday assembled that the two men who were blamed for killing their connection were captured and secured up in the same room with the carcass of Allahmagani, by the irate young people who demanded they should breath life into the dead body back.


“Reuben’s uncle, Yohanna Kaburat and granddad Kaburat Adang, blamed for witchcraft were killed for professedly been in charge of the demise of the kid,” an inhabitant told LEADERSHIP Sunday.


Another inhabitant, Bala Garba, said “when the kid kicked the bucket, the adolescents and some elderly persons in the group said they won’t acknowledge such a sudden demise. In this way, they bolted up the uncle and granddad of the perished inside a room with the command that they should restore the dead body. Around evening time, when the adolescents of the group understood that the two men were not able resuscitate the kid, they beat them to death. Every one of them were covered on Thursday 7 July 2016” .


The acting District Head of the group, Sunday Madaki, who communicated stun over the occurrence, said he implored God not to permit them see such a “disaster” once more.


Madaki, who forewarned the general population of the region against taking laws into their hands, added that he won’t have any desire to hear something of such.


Despite the fact that capture has not been made concerning the killings, it was accumulated that the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) responsible for the range has requested all town heads to create the suspects that partook in the murdering.

source nairaland

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