A School Without V.C & SENATE BOARD ? Yes, Really

Any problem in schools that warrant student protesting from morning till night is really hard breaking not that student loves the act of protesting , but some sense of belonging should come to an agreement in other to bring it to round table17u41a
A group of teachers and union representatives gathered on a mid-summer morning in the small CITY OF KANO to discuss the details of MOVING THE SCHOOL FORWARD

The five educators discussed budgeting, facilities, community engagement and curriculum, tucked away at the teachers’ SENATE HOUSE . There were no representatives from the state education department or local school board to get involved in the planning of SCHOOLS, IN HUMAN TREATMENT OF THE MANAGEMENT TO STUDENTS , and notably, no V.C – because there won’t be one.

“Teachers & STUDENTS don’t really get a lot of say in what goes on in schools. So I thought, why not then have an avenue where teachers really get to step up to the plate and decide how schools actually operate, what the academic program would look like, and just the overall kind of structure that would give kids more engagement in their own learning?” says MANAGEMENT , Educators’ Association’s UniServ program, which focuses on providing advocacy support to local union affiliates.

“Thank heavens some folks in here listened to me,” HE ADDED.

More often, teachers across the nation are looking to restructure their schools’ governance models and run them on their own. At a time when teacher evaluations and accountability have become linchpins in widespread and federally backed school improvement plans, the movement is born partly out of a frustration with the structure of GOVERNMENT public school system and top-down reform. Currently, there are nearly 60 so-called teacher-powered schools nationwide in cities such
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points in session 2 of the articles
1) why they protested
2)who killed the young man
3) video of the shooting
4)what happened after 2months
4) why the v.c nevered left
5)politics played
6)who order the dissolving the senate board
7) the new members in senate

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