Fans blast Dino Melaye for I Will Beat You, Impregnate You”comments – Premium Times

I will   Beat You, Impregnate You”comments  has landed the kogi born senator who  has being enjoying his fame as Federal senator of republic of nigeria , we pray this wont end his political career, then if this is true Its quite clear that Dino suffers from anger management issues or a related mental health challenge, that’s what led to his failed marriage and subsequent relationship, and now it is threatening the future of his political career, he needs urgent therapy, he can still be saved. read below a Nairaland / SUNNEWS PAPER fans comment to Dino

To be frank and sincere, Dino Melaye is a jinxed and a political cancer in the Senate. His antics and clownish behaviour reduced the upper chamber to a mere kindergarten.
How dare you; and who are you to publicly say you would beat your fellow Senator (And who is someone’s wife) and nothing would happen ?
Why do you have penchant for reducing our Democracy to a mere laughing-stock in the comity of nations ?
Why do you allow your emotions to rule your conscience (I doubt if you have conscience) instead of logic and reasoning ?
A bicameral legislature that is awash with gormless people like Dino Melaye will never lay a solid foundation for the growth of true democracy and socio-economic development.
We should forget about having a sane country when fools and dunder-heads are being entrusted with our steering-wheel.

Please, tell this socially inept senator that it’s not a bravery for a man to beat a woman; it’s sheer cowardice. Real men prove themselves in the battlefield not on woman’s body. DINO SAYS AGAIN Fans blast Dino Melaye for I Will Beat You, Impregnate You”comments – Premium Times

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