N-Power Extended To 31 Of August 2016-FG 

this is to inform those that havnt applied to please hurry up and apply since you still have one month and a week more


The Federal Government of Nigeria has planned the N-Power Program to definitely lessen youth unemployment. The N-Power Extended To 31 Of August 2016-FGcenter is to give our young graduates and non-graduates with the abilities, instruments and job to empower them advance from unemployment to livelihood, business and development. The primary period of N-Power will focus on Nigeria’s basic needs in training, farming, innovation, inventive, development and artisanal commercial enterprises. N-Power is additionally planning Nigeria for a worldwide outsourcing push where our young Nigerians can trade their administrations to deal with worldwide activities that acquire Nigeria, outside trade.N-Power Extended To 31 Of August 2016-FG

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Extended N-Power To 31 Of August 2016

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