Most Africa see body shape as a do or die thing, gone are those days fat body was the selling point , but this days slim babes are talk of town , this days we hardly see girls getting fat any how unlike those days , shapes in africa /Nigeria is  a very big business now , because most ladies use it as an advantage  to in other ladies, like snatching their friends guys , all in the name of sexy inward motives , sexy in Nigeria is all about the shapes , nice beautiful face , HIPS and so on ,

Consideration has been  pointed  around the female body as a wellspring of stylish delight, sexual fascination, ripeness, and proliferation in most human social orders. There are, and have been, wide contrasts in what ought to be viewed as a perfect or favored body shape, both for allure and for well being reasons.

Ladies’ bodies happen in a scope of shapes. Female figures are regularly smaller at the waist than at the bust and hips. The bust, waist, and hips are called expression focuses, and the proportions of their perimeters are utilized to characterize fundamental body shapes.

so back to the beauty shape talk  some ladies believe sleeping around with men makes their shapes sharp and attractive mean sleeping around men brings out the shape they ant which is not really true about that believe  , but some believe it takes lots of body exercise to keep the body in sharp . Estrogens cause more elevated amounts of fat to be put away in a female body than in a male body A lady’s sex hormone levels will influence the fat circulation on her body

The bosoms of young ladies and ladies in early phases of improvement generally are “high” and adjusted, vault or cone-molded, and jut on a level plane from a female’s mid-section divider. After some time, the list on bosoms tends to increment because of their regular weight, the unwinding of bolster structures, and maturing. Bosoms hang if the ligaments get to be extended, a characteristic procedure that can happen after some time and is likewise affected by the bosom skipping amid physical activities

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