The C.E.O of ezenwa west has called on Indonesia to end the “unjust” use of the death penalty for drug traffickers

Indonesia Govt killing 3 Nigeria youths for drug traffickers in heavy rain  is highly unjust even as one nigerian Titus Igwe ask to see his wife and kids for the last time


nigeria killed by indonesia
Yea they committed crimes….but their minds are really strong..
Head covered….but they can still picture the guns ….the soldiers…but worst of all to come

They picture the faces of their weeping mummy’s and relatives.around .
But they walk up to their place of death bravely…tho the their hearts beats faster than a reggae drummer..
They feel the hands of their executioner tying them to the pole…
****Attention****** screams the commander….they hear the foot of the soldiers stumping the ground…..
“arms ready”””””1…..2…..3 fire**** goes the command….
Tuu tuu tuu tuu tuu
They have already heard the shots before they were fired…..
Their mum many miles away bear the pains with them but can’t share their taste of death….
Tears they shed as they bleed to death…..smiles on the faces of the ones that see angels coming to lead them to a better after life if they repented before the last minute..
As their spirits take flight…..they turn to see their lifeless once vibrant bodies…..then they agree to the saying….”all is vanity upon vanity”….
****wipes my tears******really feeling bad about this
Indonesia Thursday rejected appeals from the UN and EU to halt the execution of 14 drug convicts including foreigners, as speculation mounted they could face the firing squad in a matter of hours.

The group, including foreigners from Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Zimbabwe as well as Indonesians, have been placed in isolation on a prison island where Jakarta carries out executions.

Authorities stepped up preparations with ambulances carrying coffins seen crossing over to Nusakambangan island. Family members say they have been told the convicts will be executed Thursday night, according to a lawyer and diplomat — who were angry as it was earlier than they thought was allowed.

The attorney general’s office, which oversees executions, could not be reached for comment.

Indonesia last carried out executions in April 2015 when it put to death eight drug convicts, including two Australians, sparking international outrage.

But President Joko Widodo has defended the use of the death penalty to combat rising narcotics use.

Indonesian drug traffickers executed today Thursday night

Indonesia Govt killing 3 Nigeria youths for drug traffickers is unjust- Ezenwa West


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