kaduna demolition


In as much as I not a fan of that Elrufia,  I don’t want people to resist development because of hatred or political differences. There is no way u can develop an area without demolishing the existing structures in that area. But the demolition should happen when the government is ready to put alternative structures down immediately. I don’t support a situation where government demolishes houses and leave it unattended for more than 10yrs.it is stupidity when not developed after demolition …

see what the youth are saying ..
The youths who were viciously angry condemned the planned action, wondering why the governor was desperate to demolish an entire community while the case was still


pending in a court of competent jurisdiction.

the group on Saturday in Kaduna, said that “it is obvious the governor wants blood, as he is so desperate to go ahead with the demolition plan.”

He warned that if even one building was touched, the situation could get ugly.

His comment was greeted with cheers from the other youths who in their support for the speaker, almost made the meeting rowdy.

The kaduna  youths urged the governor to give peace a chance, saying his action might degenerate into unpalatable consequences that may affect the peaceful co-existence currently being enjoyed. we pray that peace is the final resolution here because we don’t need more blood shed in the land


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