Inspector Rape 15years old Girl in Akwa Ibom


First of all I want to make this clear ,the kind of police office we see this days an be alarming to the core how on earth will a police office point a gun at a 15 year old girl , this case shouldn’t die the relevant authorities must with urgentcy look down into this case because I wont let the police officer rest on this one …. They will hear from us  soon  the story goes that this


A police inspector attached to Mkpat Enin Police Division in Akwa Ibom State committed his act at a gunpoint
The victim, a senior secondary pupil of Community Secondary School in the area, on Tuesday said she was returning from church on Thursday, last week, when a police Inspector

police inspector rape 15 yearsold girl in akwa ibom

team stopped her.


She said the inspector then led her away from other members of the team to a dark portion of the road . if I may ask . what on earth  is he taking her there for in a dark corner GOD HELP US IN THIS COUNTRY NAIAJ

The officer then touched her breast asking her why she has this big breast , telling her to cooprate or he will deal with her if she makes noise ….

She added, “After he had forced me to remove my clothes, he ordered me to lie down and open my legs. And what I noticed was that he brought out his joystick and inserted it into my vagina.

“As he was frolicking over me, he disallowed me crying as he undermined to shoot me in the event that I ought to open my mouth.


“Be that as it may, when I couldn’t bear the agonies any more as blood was coming up short on my private part, he rapidly took me into the vehicle and headed to the station, where he kept me from Thursday till Saturday.


“It was my uncle, Dr. Ime Stephen that originated from Abuja and safeguarded me out with N10,000,” she said.


Asked of her mom, she told our reporter that she didn’t have any acquaintance with her mother, who left her father when she was a baby.


Her father then again got to be deadened after he tumbled from a palm tree, and wound up living with her in her uncle’s home.


Her uncle, Stephen, who said the reviewer being referred to was a prosecutor, clarified that he couldn’t trust his eyes when the young lady pointed at the policeman as the person who assaulted her from among the individuals who were on obligation on that day.


He said, “The monitor for indicating a weapon he was given on trust at a young lady of 15 preceding assaulting her, does not have the characters of cops who are implied ensure lives and property of Nigerians.


“He is an extortion by additionally taking the young lady into the police care for three days and gathered N10,000 as safeguard aggregate from the girl’s guardian.


“We require his rejection from the police force  with the goal that he can be indicted as needs be.”



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