Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Plans to remarry soon ?

As indicated by a source in his congregation, the dandy pastor is thinking about taking another spouse. Despite the fact that he hasn’t made this known not assemblage, discoveries uncovered that a huge fragment of his gathering are as Pastor- Chris- Oyakhilome-remarryof now mindful of his arrangements to take another spouse.

Yet rather than urge him to accommodate with his significant other, they are giving a shout out to him. The women specifically have begun situating themselves to top off the void made by Anita’s takeoff from his life. As of now,

Sources uncovered that when he names his new lady of the hour, each individual from his assemblage will expand in amazement. Minister Chris professedly abandoned his previous spouse when it turned out to be clear to him that there was no chance that they could resolve their disparities and recovery their marriage. Past endeavors to accommodate the couple by chapel senior citizens, loved ones had demonstrated useless. In any case, while her better half plans to take another lady of the hour, Anita has returned to her last name by birth. She is presently to be tended to as Anita Ebhodaghe.


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