Buhari is a Total failure- kano Apc CHIEFTAIN

From the looks of things President Buhari has betrayed the confidence of the Nigerian masses who voted for him massively into power many family member go to bed without eating 3times a day some just once , that while a bag of rice now sold for N26, 000, prices of other essentials commodities had tripled in the market . That govt has proven that there is nothing to show for one year in office , the poor masses are getting poor , even the super rich are crying , Buhari is a Total failure- kano Apc CHIEFTAIN


  Nigerians are in the worst condition that needed urgent attention, not fighting corruption and the masses are hungry what ind of fight is that , the prices of goods were rising at a time the ordinary man don’t have money to make a living, this government has actually failed the masses, Talk of road zero percent , talk of good stuff prices zero percent , talk of light 10 percent, talk of fighting crime 5 percent down the south, talk of hosing unit nothing yet to show for , big big talk , talk of employment that once is worse, talk of discipline and sincerity from the government that once na heavy propaganda , talk of everything , everything is nothing … Buhari needs to walk up the southern are really boiling this masses here dont have a chill anymore , all over the place is filled of complains and gossip about the president … this are statement credited by KANO APC CHIEFTAIN,You’re a total failure, Kano APC chieftain tells Buhari



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