Chibok School Girls Kidnapping Saga

 Chibok School Girls Kidnapping Saga why many Nigerians will never believe the chicbok saga round the northern Nigeria , everyday we hear different stories, one this, tomorrow that , everyday that , people think and believe is all scam by the hungry /angry enemies of the nation mostly the most in note , remember this the real enemies of the north , when we got outside to hear people opinion all we ear is this people know that hey are doing if we may ask which people knows what they are doing , till date most southern believe the Nigeria government have more to say about this chicbok girls , the last administration suffered a great condemnation towards and about the lost of this student they where lots and lots of argument towards the international and local communities round the world about the kidnap of 276 college school girls just one day , who transported this ladies, could this another organize crime by the enemies of Nigeria then or now , everyday and now we see this boko harma boys release video of female school girls . see details of this girls on 14th august 2016 on vanguard news again

Chibok School Girls Kidnapping Saga
Chibok School Girls Kidnapping Saga

The video shows a masked man holding an assault rifle and dressed in military clothing. In the background, several girls wearing Islamic clothing look visibly distressed and dab their eyes. One is holding a small baby.

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the most recently stories now is that the Nigeria Army has declared 3 journalist wanted inconjunction of the lartest chibok video       released recently  Army Declares Ahmed Salkida, Bolori & Aisha Waki Wanted For Links To Boko Haram source nairaland

reports said :The Army called on the general public to provide information on the whereabouts of the wanted persons, adding that it is working with other security agencies for their arrest if they fail to turn up. Mr. Salkida is a notable Nigerian journalist who has remained a credible source of information about Boko Haram activities. He has occasionally acted as a negotiator between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram militants before going on exile.

Chibok School Girls Kidnapping



Mr. Salkida has remained active from exile providing up to date information and free advice on Boko Haram activities


now another news from today report one of the three declared wanted by the Nigeria army has reported himself to the COMMAND TODAY  read :

Ahmed  Bolori who is happens to be  among the three persons   declared wanted by the Nigerian Army over the missing Chibok girls, has reportedly presented himself to the Nigerian Army at their Maiduguri command in Borno state.

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