Photo clash between Igbos and Hausas at Imo State



                     Photo clash between Igbos and Hausas at Imo State , When we where all one there was love, when they started becoming wiser we still became one , when there is no love we still believe in one Nigeria ,  Why will on earth, a religion preach violence ,while in a world some group of people will ever act funny always feeling superior in everything , while in a world will some people treat other in inhuman ways , they don’t have what to preach talk more less of practicing it . every man will give account of the blood n Photo clash between Igbos and Hausas at Imo State your hands if you have taken one , if you don’t like what you do why not change your life style , life is all about give and take ,

The story reaching us about the hausa/igbo clash at imo state is worry some , you cant fight your host on no matter what, there is a better way of resolving any difference between but parties  below is a graphic photo of people killed by Fulani ‘s at IMO state clash ,

 The police office really need to investigate this very case and stop any future occurrence that’s the way civilize people behavior

the  story goes like this

Six individuals were killed in Akokwa, Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State, Friday. As per Chidi Godswill Iwuchukwu, who shared these photographs on a Facebook bunch:


“A Fulani man sought after a young lady selling buns into an old lady’s home in Akokwa today, when the lady mediated the Fulani man utilized scoop and killed both the lady and the young lady, express gratitude toward God for a young woman that saw what happened and she raise a caution, the adolescent of Akokwa accumulated and killed the Fulani man and killed more 5 Hausa individuals before police came and intercede, news contacting me now is that every one of the hausas individuals are fleeing from Akokwa, Ideato and some other neighboring towns” Photo clash between Igbos and Hausas at Imo State


source : lindaikeji

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