Religion An Instrument of Peace or Conflict

Religion An Instrument of Peace or Conflict The Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary defines religions from three different facets as the belief in the existence of a God or gods & the activities that are connected with the worship of them, one of the system of faith that are bared on the belief in the existence of a particular God or gods or a particular interest or influence that is very important in your life. It can also be defined as a natural system of behavior and practices, world views sacred texts, holy places, ethics and societal organization that relate humanity to what an anthropologist has called an order a existence at tends to explain the origin of the life, the universe and other things of which faith has been considered a source of religious beliefs. There is an average estimate of 10,000 distinct religions worldwide and about 84% of the world’s populace is affiliated with one of the five largest religions (Christianity Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or form of falk religion). Religion is one of the oldest traditions that have ever existed since time immemorial dating back to the time of biblical men of old like masses and Abraham before the coming of Christ.

Religion  An  Instrutment of Peace or Conflict

Religion  An  Instrument of Peace or Conflict

Encompassing a wide variety of academic disciplines and crossing so many boundaries in human experience, it is notoriously difficult to define. Although, religion as a word is difficult to define, as a human experience it is universal. To most people, it offers salvation, enlightenment and a place in heaven. It emphasizes the importance of being good and of being right at condemns those who are bad and those who are wrong. it benefits society act large by teaching people about being charitable and a-operation among other teachings and since they are both important in the society, it emphasizes them by teaching people to think less of themselves and more of others and to help one another when they are in need. Religion tries to make humans better and to live a good life at the highest. It gives people something to believes in which can make them happier and more comfortable and provides believes with a meaning for life that helps them work towards being a productive and moral persons.

It has been said that thoughts of death lead to the development of a religion. It is difficult to imagine what need there would be for religion in a world in which we one ever did or became ill. It is also believed that religions were created to maintain peace ever large areas of rule. People need to be calmed and by giving them a reason for their existence, it gives them something to group as a “foundation” of knowledge. It creates unity and makes it easier for someone to lead. With these importance of religion in view, it becomes a thing of concern to discover that religion presently has a high negative tendency of going contrary to its importance and use. Religion has now became a platform for conflict in our society, nation and world at large. With the assemblage of fanatics into sects that are intolerant of people of other beliefs. The future of the society became very obscure. Religion is not to be uphold by fanatics because it will surely lead to a vise end. While we go to our different places of worship, we should try to properly understand the motive and we-access our aim so we will ultimately make the world a better place. Through the better understanding of religion being an instrument meant of peace and not of conflict.

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