UNIPORT Admission list is out

                                    Uniport 2016 admission list Pre-Degree to Degree This is to inform all those student of pre-degree basic student of university of port harcourt that the admission list is out of Uniport 2016/2017 admission list for from pre-Degree to degree


S/No Basic Number Candidate Name Department College/Faculty
1 BS1547100054 ACHI DEBORAH NODINIM Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
2 BS1547100096 ADAMU NASIRU MOHAMMED Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
3 BS1547100064 ADEJUGBE OREOLUWA PRISCILLIA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
4 BS1547100506 AJAH BLESSING N Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
5 BS1547100542 ANUSIE FAVOUR KELECHI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
6 BS1547100512 ANYANWU CHIGOZIE DEBORAH Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
7 BS1547100546 ANYANWU WILSON Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
8 BS1547100505 ASUK AWAJIMUGWEM OWEN Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
9 BS1547100457 AZUONWU LUCKY ONYEKACHI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
10 BS1547100440 BASUTOR BRIGHT Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
11 BS1547100065 BENSON-OLUKA EVELYN Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
12 BS1547100611 BONNIE WILSON ENAANKALOGHOM Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
13 BS1547100348 BRIGGS ABIGAIL HAPPINESS Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
14 BS1547100123 CLETUS-NABON BARIBOR Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
15 BS1547100743 CORBON BLESSING LUCKY Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
16 BS1547100253 DIDI CINDY MICAH Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
17 BS1547100187 DOMINIC DOMINIC CHIEMEKA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
18 BS1547100628 ECHEONWU IKECHIKA EGWUTU Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
19 BS1547100444 EMENIKE CHIMDIOSO GODSTIME Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
20 BS1547100793 ENAKPOYA ONOME JENNIFER Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
21 BS1547100371 EZEBUCHI CHIBUZOR EMMANUEL Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
22 BS1547100778 IGWECHU PEACE AURI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
23 BS1547100209 IKEOKWU DARLINGTON AZUBIKE Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
24 BS1547100128 IKWUT DAUGHTER FRIDAY Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture


Uniport 2016 admission list Pre-Degree to Degree

25 BS1547100709 IMIETE ILAMIEDINI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
26 BS1547100536 JAMES ISREAL ANIEKAN Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
27 BS1547100687 JOHN GRACE ISEIRUOKONMA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
28 BS1547100365 JOHNSON UKRAJIT GOSPEL Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
29 BS1547100117 JUMBO SANDRA ARMSTRONG Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
30 BS1550150012 KINGDOM-DUNE TAANADEEBA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
31 BS1547100800 KPADOBI SOCRATES NZUBECHI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
32 BS1547100335 LALECHU NYIMEOCHEN MONDAY Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
33 BS1547100266 NATHANIEL ISAIAH UBASINACHI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
34 BS1547100723 NWAFOR EDWIN MOSES Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
35 BS1547100478 NWAKAUDU PRECIOUS ONYINYECHI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
36 BS1547100138 OBUA JULIET AMARACHI Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
37 BS1547100439 OGBE JOY TEMISANREN Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
38 BS1547100765 OGUE ELOGHENE JOSHUA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
39 BS1547100286 OGWO UGOCHUKWU PHILIP Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
40 BS1547100237 OHAKA PROMISE CHIWEIKE Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
41 BS1547100417 OHIOMA ONOMELE GOODNESS Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
42 BS1547100182 OKECHUKWU IKECHUKWU DANIEL Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
43 BS1547100724 OLOGE FAVOUR EGUONOGHENE Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
44 BS1547100722 ONYEKOSOR PROSPER CHINONSO Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
45 BS1547100196 OTIGBA OMOGHENA MELISSA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
46 BS1547100265 OYEWUMI KUDIRAT ADEOLA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
47 BS1547100437 SABASTIAN ESTHER IYAKNDUE Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
48 BS1547100788 SALAKO MARY Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
49 BS1547100142 TITUS SPECIAL MOSES Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
50 BS1547100772 UGO IMMACULETA CHIDINMA Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
51 BS1550150003 UGWUONAH CHISOM LEVON Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
52 BS1547100492 UMOH PAULINUS ASUQUO Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
53 BS1547100292 WALTER ABASIDO SIMON Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
54 BS1547100072 WOKE CHISALOKWU SOPHIE Agriculture Economics & Extension Agriculture
55 BS1547300123 ABOKHAI ADRIAN IMOHMOH Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
56 BS1547300092 ADIELE AMARACHUKWU FAVOUR Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
57 BS1547100233 AGULANNA CHINONSO JOY Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
58 BS1547100352 AHAIWE MAYHILARIA T Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
59 BS1547100597 AMADI EMMANUEL CHINWENDU Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
60 BS1547100188 AMEH VICTOR ENEMONA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
61 BS1547300023 ANELE PRECIOUS CHIZINDU-A Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
62 BS1547100669 ASUBIOJO TIMOTHY KAYODE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
63 BS1547100544 BENWOKE DESTINY IHUOMA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
64 BS1547300116 BESTMAN SUCCESS OROMA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
65 BS1547100435 DAMIEYE EDWIN ISOBOYE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
66 BS1547100190 DIKE-CHUKWUEMEKA UCHENNA W Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
67 BS1547100136 EBURUO CHUKWUKA VICTOR Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
68 BS1547100446 ECHEONWU BLESSING NWAKAEGO Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
69 BS1547300088 EDE LUCY CHIDIEBERE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
70 BS1547100386 EJIOGU SALOME CHIDINMA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
71 BS1547100587 ELETUO SUCCESS CHETACHI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
72 BS1547300053 ELEZUA VICTOR OCHE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
73 BS1547100690 ELUJOBA ABIGAIL ABISOLA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
74 BS1547300046 EZEH STEPHEN CHINEMEREM Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
75 BS1547300037 GILBERT ATURA HELEN Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
76 BS1547300014 GINIKANWA BLESSING CHIZOROM Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
77 BS1547100535 IBIABUO JOHNNY TAMUNOCUBIE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
78 BS1547100452 IKEZAM CHISOM BEN Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
79 BS1547300097 IKHINE ITOHAN ESTHER Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
80 BS1547100166 IKIROMA-OWIYE IBISO CHRISTABEL Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
81 BS1547100672 INYANG MFONISO ANIEDI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
82 BS1547100289 IPEGHAN DIUKWE ABINAMI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
83 BS1547300080 ISRAEL CHIDERA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
84 BS1547100350 IYEDE NORA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
85 BS1547100022 IZUEHIE EMMANUEL CHINWIKE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
86 BS1547100394 JAMES PRINCEWILL CHUKWUEBUKA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
87 BS1547300045 JETHRO EYOBUBUDU ENYECHI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
88 BS1547100579 KAAKPO ESTHER BARIVURE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
89 BS1547100704 LIKE EKENEORIONO KINGDOM Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
90 BS1547100309 MBONU BARBARA IFEOMA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
91 BS1547100389 MORAKINYO OLUWATIMILEYIN M Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
92 BS1547100053 NAKPEE BETTER Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
93 BS1547100230 NNADI CHIDINMA OLUCHI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
94 BS1547100005 NWACHINEMERE UGOSAM EZEKIEL Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
95 BS1547100042 NWAUJE-CHIGBOLU STEPHEN NONSO Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
96 BS1547300061 NWIDU PEACEBENITA MEELUBARI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
97 BS1547300024 OBIABO SAMSON DAVID Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
98 BS1547100016 OBINNA PROSPER Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
99 BS1547100462 OBIOMA IFEOMA NWORGU Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
100 BS1547100590 ODEBE STEPHEN ONYEKACHI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
101 BS1547100652 ODI DAMIAN EDISHA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
102 BS1547100091 OGBEIDE SAMSON EGHEOSE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
103 BS1547100702 OGBONNA JENNIFER NKECHINYERE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
104 BS1547100315 OGHENEGUEKE FAVOUR AKPEVWE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
105 BS1547300002 OKOKO JOY MONDAY Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
106 BS1547100006 OKPARA ESTHER IFESINACHI Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
107 BS1547100408 OLUKOSI BABATUNDE G Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
108 BS1547300009 OMEKE OBINNA CHRISTOPHER Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
109 BS1547100278 ONAKPA FRIDAY OJONUGWA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
110 BS1547300036 ONYEKA DIVINE OMENIHU Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
111 BS1547100525 ONYENUCHEYA UZOMA SAMUEL Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
112 BS1547100418 OSAWARU SUZAN OSARIEMEN Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
113 BS1547100236 PEPPLE SONGO ABINYE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
114 BS1547300071 PETER IKOGHA ZAMATO Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
115 BS1547300012 ROMEO SOTONYE DABO Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
116 BS1547100432 SOBIO SOALA HENRY Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
117 BS1547100507 TASIE THELMA CHIKA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
118 BS1547100438 THEOPHILUS GOODLUCK BARILEERA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
119 BS1547100469 UCHECHUKWU KINGSLEY O Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
120 BS1547300089 UDEFIEN BLESSING ALADE Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
121 BS1547100076 UKONU STANISLAUS ONUOHA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
122 BS1547100355 VISAN PRECIOUS BARILEELA Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
123 BS1547100586 WELI IBUCHI RACHAEL Animal Science & Fisheries Agriculture
124 BS1547100036 AGOFURE SAMUEL Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
125 BS1547100252 AJEDAFIMU ELOGHENE TESSY Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
126 BS1547100397 ALERUCHI PRINCE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
127 BS1547100467 ALOZIE KEMJIKA PERSEVERANCE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
128 BS1547100077 ANELE ATOCHI BELINDA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
129 BS1547100396 CHIEMEKE FUMNANYA MARY Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
130 BS1547100282 CHRISTOPHER-SOS PRINCESS C Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
131 BS1547100615 CHUKWU DESTINY PATRICK Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
132 BS1547100443 CLIFFORD EJOVWOKOGHENE GREAT Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
133 BS1547100326 COLE LAURA AWELE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
134 BS1547100251 DOOBIE VICTOR BARILEDUM Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
135 BS1547100610 EBATA CHARIS CHRIS Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
136 BS1547100391 EFFANGA VICTORIA GODWIN Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
137 BS1547100014 EMENIKE OKECHUKWU DEMIAN Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
138 BS1547100425 ETEFIA SALOME SATURDAY Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
139 BS1547100247 FRANKLINE GRACIOUS Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
140 BS1547100442 FYNEFACE FAYEOFORI FELIN Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
141 BS1547100139 GEORGEWILL SOTONTE SAMUEL Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
142 BS1547100102 GINIKANWA FREEDOM ONYEDIKACHI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
143 BS1547100300 HARRISON EKEMINIABASI INIOBONG Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
144 BS1547100660 IDORO OGHENEKOME CHRISTIANA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
145 BS1547100213 IHUNENYE OGORCHUKWU Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
146 BS1547100363 IKIROMA-OWIYE MARY EMI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
147 BS1547100174 INIKORI OKEOGHENE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
148 BS1547100637 IYASELE MONICA UCHECHUKWU Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
149 BS1547100771 JACOB-IGAH SAINT-JUDE AZUKOYE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
150 BS1547100157 JONAH VICTORIA WISDOM Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
151 BS1547100240 JUSTICE CALEB VITE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
152 BS1547100585 LOVEDAY BARASIN Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
153 BS1547100165 MADUABIBI JUDITH INABIRIYAI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
154 BS1547100705 MARCUS MIRACLE UE-BARI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
155 BS1547100538 MICAH HOPE KUROBO Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
156 BS1547100614 NKAMAOBONG UDOMAH EZEKIEL Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
157 BS1547100554 NKUE KALUGBENE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
158 BS1547100715 NNAMDI ESTHER EDWARD Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
159 BS1547100548 NNEJI GINIKA ANGELA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
160 BS1547100553 NWADIKE MARYANN ONYINYECHI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
161 BS1547100404 NWOGU DIVINE AKACHI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
162 BS1547920004 OBIEBI JULIANA OGHENEKOME Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
163 BS1547100718 OFOR EMMANUEL CHIBUOGWU Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
164 BS1547100002 OGADINMA MINNIE UCHECHI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
165 BS1547100248 OGALI FAITH CHINYERE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
166 BS1547100258 OGBU EMMANUELA KELECHI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
167 BS1547100603 OGUICHEN DAUGHTER OBEDIENCE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
168 BS1547100149 OGUNKA CHIMENE PRECIOUS Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
169 BS1547920003 OGWUAZOR PRISCILLIA NKEMDELIM Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
170 BS1547100519 OKAH RICHARD GIFT ANWURI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
171 BS1547100468 OKEMS EMMANUEL ONYEBUCHI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
172 BS1547100180 OKPOR FAVOUR CHIGOZIRIM Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
173 BS1547100019 OKUMBOR IJEOMA EFE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
174 BS1547100239 OKUNWAYE OPRAH Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
175 BS1547100592 OKWENDI MADU ARMSTRONG Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
176 BS1547100516 OMOFUMA STEVEN BELEMA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
177 BS1547100642 OMORUYI OSARIEME Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
178 BS1547100568 ONOKA JOHN Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
179 BS1547100570 ONYENAONWU MARYANN AMARACHI Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
180 BS1547100146 ORUKARI EBINIPRE RICHARD Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
181 BS1547100367 OSAKWE KENECHUKWU CHINASA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
182 BS1547100272 OSAMADEKO VICTOR ARIBISALA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
183 BS1547100078 OTU-EGWU EMMANUELLA CHIDERA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
184 BS1547100430 PATTA EDWARD BARIVURE Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
185 BS1547100539 STANDFAST PAMELA MAXWELL Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
186 BS1547100717 STRONGFACE ALA RAPHAEL Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
187 BS1547100747 THOMPSON BOMA EMMANUELLA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
188 BS1547100685 TOMII SAMUEL PAUL Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
189 BS1547100698 UKPE NSIKAN ANTHONY Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
190 BS1547100143 UWANEME REGINA CHIAMAKA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
191 BS1547100623 WORGU JONATHAN Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
192 BS1547100297 WORGU VICTORY IZEOMA Crop & Soil Science Agriculture
193 BS1547400044 ADEKUNLE TEMITOPE PRINCESS Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
194 BS1547100714 AFAMEFUNA ONYINYE CHRISTABEL Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
195 BS1547300115 AKE BRUME JAYNE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
196 BS1547400167 AKERELE PETER OLUWABUSAYO Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
197 BS1547300102 AKPOVIENEHE AKPOEZI JOAN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
198 BS1547100766 AKUGBO PRECIOUS AMAKA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
199 BS1547100342 ALAKAH ROGERS PRINCE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
200 BS1547100696 AMADI PRINCEWILL OVUNDA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
201 BS1547100661 AMAECHI GODSWILL CHIMA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
202 BS1547100645 ATAKO FAVOUR CHINEMEREM Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
203 BS1547100357 AYENI VICTORIA IFEOLUWA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
204 BS1547300022 BABATUNDE OMOLOLA ONYINYECHI Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
205 BS1547400114 BRAIDE FUBARABA FUBARA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
206 BS1547100461 BROWN AWOLANYEOFORI QUEEN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
207 BS1547300099 DIIDI GODSWILL DEEKOR Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
208 BS1547400198 EDI ENIYE OPUOGIDI Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
209 BS1547300105 EDWARD ESTHER USEN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
210 BS1547400073 EFEMENA OGHENEFEJIRO MICHELLE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
211 BS1547100134 ENEMUWE ELVIS EMEKE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
212 BS1547100177 EZE AMARACHI CHIDERA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
213 BS1547100116 FREDRICK-HART SOTONYE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
214 BS1547100646 GEORGE VICTORY OFIEN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
215 BS1547100774 IBIETONYE TAMUNOTONYE MAXWELL Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
216 BS1547100412 IHUNWO CHIMANKPAN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
217 BS1547100276 IKPONMWOSA ETINOSA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
218 BS1547100604 INUBILE AYODELE PETER Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
219 BS1547100676 IRIGHA GODSWILL EFEREBO Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
220 BS1547300067 ISONGUYO ESTHER KIETYEOBONG Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
221 BS1547920008 JUMBO MIRIAN PETER Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
222 BS1547300128 JUSTICE CHIZARUM VALENTINO Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
223 BS1547300078 KANU CHINWE CYNTHIA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
224 BS1547100732 KOKO JEPHTAH CHRISTIAN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
225 BS1547300069 MBARI PRINCESS VAMENE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
226 BS1547100393 MICHAELS BLESSED OLUEBUBE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
227 BS1547300082 MOSES SONBARI ALEX Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
228 BS1547100368 MPIA JOY ODODOBARI Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
229 BS1547100728 NGERIBO JOSHUA BROWN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
230 BS1547300068 NJOKU GOODNEWS NEWSON Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
231 BS1547100500 NKEMJIKA WISDOM OBINNA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
232 BS1547400132 NNAH MERIT AGUABUMMA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
233 BS1547100776 NWACHUKWU VICTORY IHUOMA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
234 BS1547100044 NWAIWU CHIOMA QUEENETH Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
235 BS1547200003 NWALA PROSPER CHUKWUWENDU Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
236 BS1547400207 NWANODI RUTH NGOZI Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
237 BS1547100583 NWEKE CLARIS C Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
238 BS1547400182 NWORGU STEPHANIE HACHIKARU Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
239 BS1547100785 OBASI ANN CHINYERE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
240 BS1547300016 OFORJI TRACY CHIAMAKA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
241 BS1547400063 OGBONNA HAPPINESS CHIBUEZE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
242 BS1547100566 OGU-AMADI FAITH ADA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
243 BS1547300083 OHANYIRI ESTHER CHICHETAM Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
244 BS1547300039 OKEANA MARYANN AKUDO Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
245 BS1547400155 OKEREKE FAVOUR CHINWENDU Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
246 BS1547100018 OKORIE GRACE UCHECHUKWU Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
247 BS1547300066 OKWARAJIAKU IFEANYI CHARLES Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
248 BS1547400020 OKWUSIKE PRINCESS CHICHEYAM Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
249 BS1547400102 OLIVER DESTINY IJEOMA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
250 BS1547400166 OLODI VICTOR ABLEBOY Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
251 BS1547300063 ONAYERAYE OGHENEKOBIRUO JESSICA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
252 BS1547400180 ORIOLA OLAMIDE HELLEN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
253 BS1547300025 PANAMA OGHENERUKEVWE FAVOUR Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
254 BS1547100545 PROMISE VICTORIA IBELEMA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
255 BS1547300062 SAMAILA DATIYAMA ISAH Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
256 BS1547300048 SIBINATUMU LOVINA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
257 BS1547300104 SYVANUS EKPO HANNAH Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
258 BS1547400122 THOMAS FAVOUR EMEDIONG Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
259 BS1547400194 UCHE CHIEHURA FAVOUR Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
260 BS1547300026 UKWO AKANUBONG CHRISTIAN Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
261 BS1547300049 UMUKORO OGHENERUKVWE ISAIAH Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
262 BS1547300133 UWANAKA LINDA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
263 BS1547100186 WEHERE DARLINGTON CHIDI Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
264 BS1547300118 WOGUNKA CHITURU Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
265 BS1547100413 WOKOCHA DAVID IKE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
266 BS1547100090 WOKOMA ACHESETAMUNOGBEINBE Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
267 BS1547100529 WORLU THANKGOD AKELACHI Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
268 BS1547300114 YAMAH SOPHIA OLUMAYOWA Forestry & Wildlife Management Agriculture
269 BS1530300023 AMADI CHIZUNUMOKE HUMPHREY Chemical Engineering Engineering
270 BS1530300001 AMADI ENOCH Chemical Engineering Engineering
271 BS1530300024 ANUCHA CHUKWUMA CLINTON Chemical Engineering Engineering
272 BS1530300002 AYALOEU PAUL CHUKWUDUBEM Chemical Engineering Engineering
273 BS1530300035 BESTMANN-DANAGOGO KENDRA S Chemical Engineering Engineering
274 BS1530650083 BOLAJOKO IBRAHIM BOLAJI Chemical Engineering Engineering
275 BS1530650173 DAHOHO RICHARD BLESSED Chemical Engineering Engineering
276 BS1530300022 EGBULUKA FABULOUS Chemical Engineering Engineering
277 BS1530650052 ENOD-DIBIAH TOBIN OBARI Chemical Engineering Engineering
278 BS1530300003 IGBARA KARAKPOA Chemical Engineering Engineering
279 BS1530300012 JOACHIM VINCENT MADUKA Chemical Engineering Engineering
280 BS1530650154 KODU TORNUBARI Chemical Engineering Engineering
281 BS1530300015 LEE EKEIMIEKUNA LYDIA Chemical Engineering Engineering
282 BS1530300008 OBELE OBARIJIMA VICTORY Chemical Engineering Engineering
283 BS1530300016 OKAFOR OLOUMA RACHEL Chemical Engineering Engineering
284 BS1530300019 OLOMA MIRACLE OSAZANAGHA Chemical Engineering Engineering
285 BS1530300028 OLUYOLE KEHINDE ANNABEL Chemical Engineering Engineering
286 BS1530650096 ORJI HIONEST CHIMAOGWU Chemical Engineering Engineering
287 BS1530650139 ORLU-ORLU CHIKA DAVID Chemical Engineering Engineering
288 BS1530650008 ORUBIBI IBINABO QUEEN-I Chemical Engineering Engineering
289 BS1530300011 OSARO OBARI MIMI Chemical Engineering Engineering
290 BS1530300005 SEKIBO SUNDAY Chemical Engineering Engineering
291 BS1530300004 THOM-OKOROH AYEBANENGIYEFA E Chemical Engineering Engineering
292 BS1530300026 UTI UNOMA GIFT Chemical Engineering Engineering
293 BS1530100057 AGBO CHIZIHM MICHAEL Civil Engineering Engineering
294 BS1530100023 AHWEYEVU AKPOGHENEOBOR ANTHONY Civil Engineering Engineering
295 BS1530100031 AMUNEKE-OPARAKU OGECHI C Civil Engineering Engineering
296 BS1530100054 ANTHONY KINGSLEY DINEBARI Civil Engineering Engineering
297 BS1530100049 AREMU ZAINABU MUSLIM Civil Engineering Engineering
298 BS1530100009 BANIGO DAVID VICTOR Civil Engineering Engineering
299 BS1530100070 BARIKOR PRINCE CHINAEMELUM Civil Engineering Engineering
300 BS1530100069 BENNETT TAMUNUBOMA Civil Engineering Engineering
301 BS1530100032 CHINEKE CHIDUBE OBED Civil Engineering Engineering
302 BS1530100046 ELUOZO GODSTIME CHUKWUKADIBIA Civil Engineering Engineering
303 BS1530100047 ERHURHU OGHENENYORE Civil Engineering Engineering
304 BS1530100061 GRANVILLE TAMUNOTONYE CLEMENT Civil Engineering Engineering
305 BS1530100021 IJEH DESTINY TUNDE Civil Engineering Engineering
306 BS1530100004 JOHNSON DANIEL Civil Engineering Engineering
307 BS1530100036 JOHNSON GOSPEL Civil Engineering Engineering
308 BS1530100019 KAREEM DAVID YUNUSA Civil Engineering Engineering
309 BS1530100005 OBULOR CLINTON CHIMUENYA Civil Engineering Engineering
310 BS1530100062 ODIOKO AGHOGHO TIMOTHY Civil Engineering Engineering
311 BS1530100042 OKENGWU INNOCENT NNAMDI Civil Engineering Engineering
312 BS1530100016 ORDUDAH-CHIGONUM CHIMELA F Civil Engineering Engineering
313 BS1530100063 OVU-ELEONU FORTUNE CHIMBURUOMA Civil Engineering Engineering
314 BS1530100034 SOLOMON OLUWASEUN OLADELE Civil Engineering Engineering
315 BS1530100014 UKPENI BUDUZHI WARIBOKO Civil Engineering Engineering
316 BS1530100053 WEBILOR RICHARD CHINEDU Civil Engineering Engineering
317 BS1530100035 WEKERE UGOCHUKWU DAMION Civil Engineering Engineering
318 BS1530150024 ABBEY OSAHENRUMWEN Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
319 BS1530150001 ACHEBE LAMOSCAR WINNER Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
320 BS1530150079 ALLEN EMMANUEL MENSAH Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
321 BS1530150003 AMAKIRI RAYMOND AZIBAYAM Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
322 BS1530150039 BOYLE ROYAL OPUDA Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
323 BS1530150058 DUMPE BARITUKA MIRACLE Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
324 BS1530150030 EDERIENE ALEX Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
325 BS1530150013 EHIMIKA OHIKHATEME VICTOR Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
326 BS1530150042 EJEMEGWA IFEANYI SYLVESTER Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
327 BS1530150062 GINAH ANANIASH Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
328 BS1530150069 GOGO-CHINDA PROGRESS Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
329 BS1530150035 IGBEN EMMANUEL EBATARHE Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
330 BS1530150014 JACKREECE TARIBO IBIBA Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
331 BS1530150059 JOSIAH YUDES TAMUNO-ITEME Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
332 BS1530150005 KALIKIO SUKARIME ISAAC Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
333 BS1530150043 KORDAH EMMANUEL KOFFIANAN Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
334 BS1530150050 KUNEMOEMI SAMUEL Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
335 BS1530150045 LEVI INNOCENT AWURI Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
336 BS1530150064 NWAOKASA CLEMENT IKECHUKWU Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
337 BS1530150025 OCHULOR MAYOR OGUMKA Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
338 BS1530150002 OGBOLE JONATHAN ADAKOLE Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
339 BS1530150065 PAGBARANWIN GOODLUCK MISSION Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
340 BS1530150017 SAMPSON-WICHEGBULE PRECIOUS O Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
341 BS1530150029 UGOCHUKWU CHUKA CHARLES Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
342 BS1530150011 UMANAH KINGSLEY OKOKON Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
343 BS1530150082 WILCOX AUWALU HAMZA Electrical Electronic Engineering Engineering
344 BS1530150022 AKPABOT UBONG IME Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
345 BS1510150006 ALABRAH-DAVID TAM TREVOR Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
346 BS1530150076 CHUKWUEMEKA KINGSLEY Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
347 BS1510150002 DENNIS WISDOM ONYEKACHI Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
348 BS1530150088 ELIMIMIAN OSEMAOJE OLUSEGUN Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
349 BS1530150021 ESEYOMA FELIX Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
350 BS1530150077 EZEH CHISOM GODWIN Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
351 BS1530150016 HARRISON EL-DAVID ALPHA Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
352 BS1530150078 ILABOR JEFFERY IFEANYI Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
353 BS1530150068 ISA MAKOJI MICHAEL Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
354 BS1530150057 IYAGA ORUKEVWE DANIEL Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
355 BS1530150010 OFIEROHOR OTHUKE CHRISTIAN Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
356 BS1510150009 OJOMA MARK OJOCHENEMI Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
357 BS1530150026 OKIGBO ONYEKACHUKWU RAWLINGS Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
358 BS1530150006 ONYEGBULE ANTHONY CHIGEMEZU Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
359 BS1530150071 ORDU PROMISE Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
360 BS1530150067 OYE FORTUNE GEORGE Electronic & Computer Engineering Engineering
361 BS1530650124 AGBONG EMMANUEL KOKO Environmental Engineering Engineering
362 BS1530750004 ANENE EKENE JAMES Environmental Engineering Engineering
363 BS1530100040 BANABO MICHAEL AKPOLAIFA Environmental Engineering Engineering
364 BS1530650085 BIE-BIE MICHAEL BARIDUE Environmental Engineering Engineering
365 BS1530650074 EDI PEREMOBOWEI OPOUGIDI Environmental Engineering Engineering
366 BS1530750008 EJEKWU CHIOMA STEPHANIE Environmental Engineering Engineering
367 BS1530650186 EMMANUEL MATTHEW Environmental Engineering Engineering
368 BS1530750006 JEREMIAH HOPE ANIEFIOK Environmental Engineering Engineering
369 BS1530650004 KOGBARA BARISI LEGBOSI Environmental Engineering Engineering
370 BS1530650042 MORRIS RAYMOND Environmental Engineering Engineering
371 BS1530650029 NGALAKA GEORGE NJUDOBO-OBARI Environmental Engineering Engineering
372 BS1530750007 NWUCHE ANDREW CHINEMEREM Environmental Engineering Engineering
373 BS1530650120 OHIOMA OFURE BLESSING Environmental Engineering Engineering
374 BS1530650039 OKO ISRAEL CHIMEZIE Environmental Engineering Engineering
375 BS1530650019 POP-YORNWIN MUUDUMBARI P Environmental Engineering Engineering
376 BS1530650164 TARIAH PEACE Environmental Engineering Engineering
377 BS1530700012 ABBEY WISDOM OLUKA Gas Engineering Engineering
378 BS1530650113 ADEDA EDESIRI OGHENERUONA Gas Engineering Engineering
379 BS1530700009 AKAWOR CHINECHEREM DESIRE Gas Engineering Engineering
380 BS1530700007 AKPAESIEN MARY Gas Engineering Engineering
381 BS1530700004 AKPURU SOLOMON BARINE Gas Engineering Engineering
382 BS1530700025 DAPPA-WILCOX JOSHUA TAMMY Gas Engineering Engineering
383 BS1530650084 DIKE CALISTA UCHENNA Gas Engineering Engineering
384 BS1530700001 EJEMBI JEREMIAH INALEGWU Gas Engineering Engineering
385 BS1530650134 ETIEH GEORGE CHUKWUKA Gas Engineering Engineering
386 BS1530700018 FIHTO BARILE NOBLE Gas Engineering Engineering
387 BS1530700006 IGBOKWUBIRI PRECIOUS CHIOMA Gas Engineering Engineering
388 BS1530700005 JOB ENEOTU FRANCIS Gas Engineering Engineering
389 BS1530700022 JONAH ALIBI UNYEJIT Gas Engineering Engineering
390 BS1530700003 NBARI PRINCE GOTEH Gas Engineering Engineering
391 BS1530700016 NWANA DESMOND DUMKA Gas Engineering Engineering
392 BS1530700023 NWANODI JERRY KELECHI Gas Engineering Engineering
393 BS1530700014 OGBONDA STANLEY NYECHE Gas Engineering Engineering
394 BS1530650088 OGHALE VICTORY OGHENERO Gas Engineering Engineering
395 BS1530300010 OKPOLOSA CHIODUYE GODPOWER Gas Engineering Engineering
396 BS1530650028 ONOH KENNEDY Gas Engineering Engineering
397 BS1530650076 OZMAC EMMANUEL SHAMMAH Gas Engineering Engineering
398 BS1530700020 SOLOMON EMMANUEL Gas Engineering Engineering
399 BS1530250069 AHMED NURUDEEN ONIMISI Mechanical Engineering Engineering
400 BS1530250046 AJIE PRINCEWILL Mechanical Engineering Engineering
401 BS1530250008 AKA TIMOTHY IKECHUKWU Mechanical Engineering Engineering
402 BS1530250030 AKUEJE CHIGOZIE DAVID Mechanical Engineering Engineering
403 BS1530250004 AMABEOKU ISOBOYE CLEMENTINA Mechanical Engineering Engineering
404 BS1530250045 AMBAIOWEI VICTOR OYEINEBI Mechanical Engineering Engineering
405 BS1530250037 ARUGU TEMPLE Mechanical Engineering Engineering
406 BS1530250028 ASUOMA FORTUNE CHIMEREMEZE Mechanical Engineering Engineering
407 BS1530250035 BARINUA CLINTON BARIBEFII Mechanical Engineering Engineering
408 BS1530250014 DAKA EMMANUEL PEREBO Mechanical Engineering Engineering
409 BS1530250053 DOUGLAS JOSHUA IKIAYE Mechanical Engineering Engineering
410 BS1530250002 GODSON WINNER CHINOMSOM Mechanical Engineering Engineering
411 BS1530250023 IKPEKRI PROMISE KELVIN Mechanical Engineering Engineering
412 BS1530250065 ISIRIMAH GOSPEL IZUCHUKWU Mechanical Engineering Engineering
413 BS1530250108 KINANEE COLLINS KIADUM Mechanical Engineering Engineering
414 BS1530250091 LEDI GOODLUCK LUCKY Mechanical Engineering Engineering
415 BS1530250066 NWAOGU HILLARY NZUBECHI Mechanical Engineering Engineering
416 BS1530250103 NWOBIKE JOHNSON CHIMERU Mechanical Engineering Engineering
417 BS1530250081 OBIANO FRANCIS CHINONSO Mechanical Engineering Engineering
418 BS1530250033 OBIECHIE NORBERT EMEKA Mechanical Engineering Engineering
419 BS1530250009 PHILLIPS DONALD AKPERIKE-OSUO Mechanical Engineering Engineering
420 BS1530250111 UGEH JAMES OGENEWORO Mechanical Engineering Engineering
421 BS1530250093 ZUA KAAVIGA JOHN Mechanical Engineering Engineering
422 BS1530250079 AJUZIEOGU MAC-EVANS C Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
423 BS1530250038 AKWARANDU CHIMECHEFULAM S Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
424 BS1530250089 EKWUEME SYLVANUS JUSTICE Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
425 BS1530250085 EVANSON ODEMADIGHI Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
426 BS1530250105 FESTUS PAUL CHIBUZOR Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
427 BS1530250122 ILE JOSHUA Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
428 BS1530250063 KENNETH CHIMELADU BLESSED Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
429 BS1530250049 NWOBI EMMANUEL NNAMDI Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
430 BS1530250044 OKAFOR EMMANUEL CHUKWUEMEKA Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
431 BS1530250058 OMAJUGHO FRANCIS BESIDONE Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
432 BS1530250080 ORDUKWU VICTOR ONYEKACHI Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
433 BS1530250088 STEPHEN WISDOM BARINORDUM Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
434 BS1530250018 SUNNY EMMANUEL DOOBEE Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
435 BS1530250061 USORO IDONGEST AMADU Mechatronic Engineering Engineering
436 BS1530650184 AKPAN ENDURANCE ENDURANCE Petroleum Engineering Engineering
437 BS1530650122 AKPORE JEFFERY OVIE Petroleum Engineering Engineering
438 BS1530650116 ANADU CHINEDU FRANCIS Petroleum Engineering Engineering
439 BS1530650045 ATIATOBE FABIAN ASHIWEL Petroleum Engineering Engineering
440 BS1530650017 AZUNDAH WELLINGTON CHIMENUMEZE Petroleum Engineering Engineering
441 BS1530650137 BARIBUMA GLORIA KUMANWEE Petroleum Engineering Engineering
442 BS1530650189 BASSEY GODSWILL EMMANUEL Petroleum Engineering Engineering
443 BS1530650090 CHUAKEN QUEEN Petroleum Engineering Engineering
444 BS1530650009 DON-OKAH MARVELLOUS Petroleum Engineering Engineering
445 BS1530650014 EKPENYONG EYOITA EYO Petroleum Engineering Engineering
446 BS1530650038 GEROGE-GOGO TARI Petroleum Engineering Engineering
447 BS1530650016 ISRAEL JUDITH NKECHINYERE Petroleum Engineering Engineering
448 BS1530650093 LEGBORSI EMMANUEL GBENEGBARA Petroleum Engineering Engineering
449 BS1530650128 MIIKOR BARILELO Petroleum Engineering Engineering
450 BS1530650153 MIMI FRED GOMBA Petroleum Engineering Engineering
451 BS1530650073 NUHU EMMANUEL EKOJONWA Petroleum Engineering Engineering
452 BS1547100665 NWARU PRINCESS CHIDERAA Petroleum Engineering Engineering
453 BS1530650061 OKORONKWO HILLARY CHISOM Petroleum Engineering Engineering
454 BS1530650037 OMOYIBO EJIROGHENE GABRIEL Petroleum Engineering Engineering
455 BS1530650005 UGWU BRIGHT CHIMEZIE Petroleum Engineering Engineering
456 BS1547100121 ADELEYE OLUWATOBI EMMANUEL Anatomy Health Sciences
457 BS1547100280 DICK HAPPINESS CHINAZA Anatomy Health Sciences
458 BS1547920009 EMYI PRINCE CHUKWUEMEKA Anatomy Health Sciences
459 BS1547100145 FUAFUGO ELOHOR PEACE Anatomy Health Sciences
460 BS1547100015 GABRIEL EMMANUEL CHIMUANYA Anatomy Health Sciences
461 BS1547100682 HORSFALL EMILY OBINIME Anatomy Health Sciences
462 BS1547100549 IKECHUKWU PEACE EZINNE Anatomy Health Sciences
463 BS1547100173 INIABERE ABIYE VICTOR Anatomy Health Sciences
464 BS1547920002 IYALLA SAVIOUR Anatomy Health Sciences
465 BS1547100632 JONAH OLORUNDARE PRECIOUS Anatomy Health Sciences
466 BS1547100283 JOSEPH ISRAEL ONUCHE Anatomy Health Sciences
467 BS1547100701 KOSA GRACE YIRAKPOA Anatomy Health Sciences
468 BS1547100668 NKEMAKOLAM CHRISTIANA O Anatomy Health Sciences
469 BS1547100537 NYESOM SHALOM ERUCHI Anatomy Health Sciences
470 BS1547100070 OKWELLE FAITH CHINYERE Anatomy Health Sciences
471 BS1547100147 ONYEOYIBO CHIBUEZE Anatomy Health Sciences
472 BS1547100662 OPARA ANGELA IJEOMA Anatomy Health Sciences
473 BS1547920006 OPUOWUBO TAMUNOENEKUBU TEMPLE Anatomy Health Sciences
474 BS1547100060 ORIJI CHIZOBA FRANCES Anatomy Health Sciences
475 BS1547920005 OSSAI ANTHONY CHUKWUKA Anatomy Health Sciences
476 BS1547100768 TAMUNODUKOBIPI STEPHEN Anatomy Health Sciences
477 BS1547100131 UDONYAH IDONGESIT EMMANUEL Anatomy Health Sciences
478 BS1547100048 UHIENE GIFT ELEOJO Anatomy Health Sciences
479 BS1547100373 WELE FLORENCE CHIGWEYARU Anatomy Health Sciences
480 BS1547100594 AKPAN VICTORIA ENDURANCE Dentistry Health Sciences
481 BS1547100025 EMMAN-WORI HOMACHI Dentistry Health Sciences
482 BS1547100543 NWANKWO NKECHI OLIVE Dentistry Health Sciences
483 BS1547100588 OKEMINI NWOBUEZE OKEMINI Dentistry Health Sciences
484 BS1547100214 ABBIYESUKU BOMA ORIDA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
485 BS1547100205 ABINOYE RICHARD IGEY Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
486 BS1547100097 AGUGHALAM PROSPER IFUNANYA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
487 BS1547100039 ALAWA FIDELIA BATOMBARI Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
488 BS1547100112 ANUNU SILVANUS OGHENETEGA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
489 BS1547100055 BENJAMIN FOUNDATION B Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
490 BS1547100482 BRUCE ETULANAPU Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
491 BS1547100080 CARSON ONISOCONIKUMEN DANIEL Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
492 BS1547100079 CHINDAH MONTANA ODUNEME Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
493 BS1547100086 CHUKWUKERU EMMANUEL CHINAEDU Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
494 BS1547100073 EHEAZU CAROLINE UGONNA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
495 BS1547100460 ENEKEBE IFEANYI OSCAR Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
496 BS1547100304 GODWIN AUGUSTINE EMEKA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
497 BS1547100659 HENRY HILARION KARAKARAYE Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
498 BS1547100158 IHEANYICHUKWU FORTUNE Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
499 BS1547100541 IKPOKU JONES EJIKEME Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
500 BS1547100401 ISIGUZO JOSEPH CHINEDUM Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
501 BS1547100129 ISIOLU CHINWENDU OLOBI Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
502 BS1547100046 JOSHUA TAMUNOTEME KARA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
503 BS1547100127 MARSHALL MAUREEN HAOMA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
504 BS1547100324 NSIRIM ICHEMADU FORTUNE Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
505 BS1547100049 NWAEREMA CHAMBERLAIN Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
506 BS1547100513 OBODO FEJIRO VERA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
507 BS1547100101 OGO NELSON CHINENYE Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
508 BS1547100085 OKEY-NWALA JEDIDIAH C Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
509 BS1547100105 OKORO UCHENNA TOBY Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
510 BS1547100480 OKWUDIE ONYEDIKACHUKWU PAUL Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
511 BS1547100318 OLEMGBE EMMANUEL OKECHUKWU Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
512 BS1547100098 OSAROLUKA ANASEMI Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
513 BS1547100162 OYIBO FAITH NNEKA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
514 BS1547100550 PATTERSON MICHAEL MINAINYO Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
515 BS1547100126 SAAKEE LOIS DORKA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
516 BS1547100284 SOLOMON FAVOUR KING Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
517 BS1547100082 SUANU NWIDUM Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
518 BS1547100032 UDEH JENNIFER AKUNNA Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
519 BS1547100667 UKOR LAURETTA OLUCHI Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
520 BS1547100027 WEJE EMMANUEL CHIMZI Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
521 BS1547100151 WORGU MARVELLOUS CHILE Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
522 BS1547100296 WOSU RUTH AIYIKELACHI Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
523 BS1547100202 ZORBARI KIISIBARI DUM Medicine & Surgery Health Sciences
524 BS1547400008 AKARI ESEREGHI TIMOTHY Nursing Health Sciences
525 BS1547400111 AYEMHOKHAI AMEN ATSE Nursing Health Sciences
526 BS1547400056 EGEDE PEACE ISIOMA Nursing Health Sciences
527 BS1547400191 FIRI FRIDAY GIFT Nursing Health Sciences
528 BS1547400001 GBARATO BARIAGARA Nursing Health Sciences
529 BS1547400201 GBEREDOMGBARA BARISI Nursing Health Sciences
530 BS1547400142 KARIBI INJIRIBA DIEKIRI Nursing Health Sciences
531 BS1547400224 KINAYOR BARRY GIDEON Nursing Health Sciences
532 BS1547400053 KYRIAN JOY NKECHI Nursing Health Sciences
533 BS1547400067 MBATA ONYINYECHI PRECIOUS Nursing Health Sciences
534 BS1547400203 MMAMANNE KOIDA MIRACLE Nursing Health Sciences
535 BS1547400086 NICHOLAS STEPHANIE UGOCHI Nursing Health Sciences
536 BS1547400065 NWAGOR VICTORY CHIDINMA Nursing Health Sciences
537 BS1547400134 NWEKE THANKGOD Nursing Health Sciences
538 BS1547400068 NWIGUI IRENE NORNUBARI Nursing Health Sciences
539 BS1547400159 NWOKOCHA COURAGE Nursing Health Sciences
540 BS1547400133 ODILI GIFT Nursing Health Sciences
541 BS1547400172 OJUTIKU-EMMANUEL HOSANNAH O Nursing Health Sciences
542 BS1547400025 ONAJI MERCY OLOCHE Nursing Health Sciences
543 BS1547400208 OYELE JOAN AIZENOSE Nursing Health Sciences
544 BS1547400062 SAMUEL JOY CHIAMAKA Nursing Health Sciences
545 BS1547400059 UGBE IRENE UNDIELEUIM Nursing Health Sciences
546 BS1547400145 UKPAI CHIOMA OKE Nursing Health Sciences
547 BS1547400024 WELI CHINOZUM CONSIDER Nursing Health Sciences
548 BS1547100527 ADESHINA ONYEKACHUKWU E Physiology Health Sciences
549 BS1547100195 AGBO LILIAN ENE Physiology Health Sciences
550 BS1547100433 BASSEY PATIENCE NGANG Physiology Health Sciences
551 BS1547100338 BOB-MANUEL DABOKETIMA D Physiology Health Sciences
552 BS1547100242 CHUKWUDI THANKGOD KELECHI Physiology Health Sciences
553 BS1547100171 DAMABEL BARINYIMA LOVEDAY Physiology Health Sciences
554 BS1547100007 DIM MAGDALENE CHINONSO Physiology Health Sciences
555 BS1547100243 DOGHOR OGHENEVWERORHE PRECIOUS Physiology Health Sciences
556 BS1547100168 EGBERIBIN KARINADE Physiology Health Sciences
557 BS1547100056 EJITE UFUOMA JOY Physiology Health Sciences
558 BS1547100144 GABRIEL CARSON FAITH Physiology Health Sciences
559 BS1547100215 GEORGE ETEBOM KINGSLEY Physiology Health Sciences
560 BS1547100790 GODFREY AMINIGHA PEACE Physiology Health Sciences
561 BS1547100130 IKANN DEBORAH MINA Physiology Health Sciences
562 BS1547100333 JETHRO CHINEM Physiology Health Sciences
563 BS1547100638 OBARO ACHIEVER EDAFENENA Physiology Health Sciences
564 BS1547100477 OKOYE STANLEY CHUKWUEMEKA Physiology Health Sciences
565 BS1547100224 OKPA OGHOMENA AKPEZI Physiology Health Sciences
566 BS1547100067 ORKEGHEN FANEN FRANKLYN Physiology Health Sciences
567 BS1547100316 OSIA NGOZI Physiology Health Sciences
568 BS1547100208 OYOR FLORENCE FRIDAY Physiology Health Sciences
569 BS1547100228 PAUL SAMUEL OJOCHENEMI Physiology Health Sciences
570 BS1547100737 POLYCARP CHIDINMA CHINEMEREM Physiology Health Sciences
571 BS1547100382 WOKE PROMISE OBINNA Physiology Health Sciences
572 BS1547300122 AGU CHIDIEBERE DAVID Pharmacy Pharmacy
573 BS1547300060 AKITI EJAITA FAITH Pharmacy Pharmacy
574 BS1547100305 ALASIA DUABO EVANGELIST Pharmacy Pharmacy
575 BS1547300056 AMADI QUEEN RUHUIHUOMA Pharmacy Pharmacy
576 BS1547300134 AMAH ABIGAIL OWUOMA Pharmacy Pharmacy
577 BS1547300077 ANI BLESSING Pharmacy Pharmacy
578 BS1547300027 ANTHONY DOUGLAS EZINWA Pharmacy Pharmacy
579 BS1547300043 ANYANWU VICTOR Pharmacy Pharmacy
580 BS1547100092 ARUNSI FORTUNE KALU Pharmacy Pharmacy
581 BS1547100081 CHUKU LESLIE OVUNDA Pharmacy Pharmacy
582 BS1547100150 DAGOGO-GEORGE MANUELLA ORIBIM Pharmacy Pharmacy
583 BS1547300126 DAN-JOSHUA JOSEPHINE BIOBELE Pharmacy Pharmacy
584 BS1547300117 DIMKPA WISDOM OWHORNUOGU Pharmacy Pharmacy
585 BS1547100050 DIMKPA-AMADI FULFIL CHIJINDU Pharmacy Pharmacy
586 BS1547100194 DUESI FAITH Pharmacy Pharmacy
587 BS1547100458 EDWIN BARIBOLOKA GOLDEN Pharmacy Pharmacy
588 BS1547300084 EFOBI JOSEPH CHIMEZIE Pharmacy Pharmacy
589 BS1547300076 EJIOFOR CHIDIMMA ANTHONIA Pharmacy Pharmacy
590 BS1547300005 EKPEMAGHA ANTHONY STEPHEN Pharmacy Pharmacy
591 BS1547300030 EKUNKE BLESSING IFORE-ULIMRE Pharmacy Pharmacy
592 BS1547100226 EMENIKE FRANCIS EDWARD Pharmacy Pharmacy
593 BS1547100573 ENYIDIA THANKGOD CHIMEKA Pharmacy Pharmacy
594 BS1547300019 EPHRAIM GABRIELLA UCHECHI Pharmacy Pharmacy
595 BS1547100399 EZELOBE UCHENNA EMMANUEL Pharmacy Pharmacy
596 BS1547300124 GODAM SORBARI NICHOLE Pharmacy Pharmacy
597 BS1547100582 GREEN IYOWUNA DESMOND Pharmacy Pharmacy
598 BS1547100364 IDALA ESTHER TAMUNO-ORIBI Pharmacy Pharmacy
599 BS1547300081 IFOT INIOBONG GEORGE Pharmacy Pharmacy
600 BS1547300017 IFUROKIENMA TAMUNOSIKI P Pharmacy Pharmacy
601 BS1547100734 JACOB VICTORIA ADA Pharmacy Pharmacy
602 BS1547100534 KEEMAH CYPRIAN DUMBOR Pharmacy Pharmacy
603 BS1547300018 MARCOS EMMANUEL CHRISTOPHER Pharmacy Pharmacy
604 BS1547100068 MESIRIONYE DANIEL CHIZARAM Pharmacy Pharmacy
605 BS1547300095 MWARA TETE Pharmacy Pharmacy
606 BS1547300041 NAADOR MAXWELL NEN-NAADUBARI Pharmacy Pharmacy
607 BS1547100185 NDAMATI ALBRIGHT AZUNDA Pharmacy Pharmacy
608 BS1547300072 NGBAH LEDUA AGBARA Pharmacy Pharmacy
609 BS1547300094 NGWU DANIEL OGHOLO Pharmacy Pharmacy
610 BS1547300098 NKEREUWEM BRIGID OKON Pharmacy Pharmacy
611 BS1547100107 NNOKA GOSPEL ERUCHI Pharmacy Pharmacy
612 BS1547100012 NUBANI EMMANUEL EENEE Pharmacy Pharmacy
613 BS1547300065 NWANRO CHINEDU GRAHAM Pharmacy Pharmacy
614 BS1547300100 ODANAME BARINORDUM RUTH Pharmacy Pharmacy
615 BS1547300013 OGAGAH EMUEJEVOKE EMILIA Pharmacy Pharmacy
616 BS1547300107 OGBANU GRACE KELECHI Pharmacy Pharmacy
617 BS1547100199 OKEAFOR GRACE ONYINYECHI Pharmacy Pharmacy
618 BS1547300111 OKOCHA FORTUNE CHILE Pharmacy Pharmacy
619 BS1547300079 OMONIGHO GODSTIME OGHENEVWEDE Pharmacy Pharmacy
620 BS1547100099 OPUSO-DAVID BOMA Pharmacy Pharmacy
621 BS1547300015 ORDU NKECHINYERE FORTUNE Pharmacy Pharmacy
622 BS1547300006 OWHE AFOKEOGHENE RHODA Pharmacy Pharmacy
623 BS1547300004 PATRICK CHISOM CONFIDENCE Pharmacy Pharmacy
624 BS1547100221 PEMII BARIBEFE CHARLES Pharmacy Pharmacy
625 BS1547100531 PETERS HAPPINESS OKPOKIPOY Pharmacy Pharmacy
626 BS1547100427 SASOVWORHO SOLOMON Pharmacy Pharmacy
627 BS1547100679 SIKA EMILY DITARI Pharmacy Pharmacy
628 BS1547300001 SWEETMORETON WEENE SIMON Pharmacy Pharmacy
629 BS1547300010 TEETE LEKARA PRECIOUS Pharmacy Pharmacy
630 BS1547100135 UDOZOR CHINYERE Pharmacy Pharmacy
631 BS1547100508 ABASI MEDLIN Animal & Environmental Biology Science
632 BS1547100279 ACHES ALLWELL OGAN Animal & Environmental Biology Science
633 BS1547100522 ADEBOYE MODUPETEMI I Animal & Environmental Biology Science
634 BS1547100720 ADIE CLEMENT BENARD Animal & Environmental Biology Science
635 BS1547100340 AGBAJE ABAYOMI EBENEZER Animal & Environmental Biology Science
636 BS1547100476 AHUSI PRECIOUS OROMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
637 BS1547100223 AJIE BLISS ISIOMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
638 BS1547100140 AKAGU-OLUA CHISOM ELLIS Animal & Environmental Biology Science
639 BS1547100026 AKERU CHUKWUEMEKA CLINTON Animal & Environmental Biology Science
640 BS1547100578 AKINOLA SULEIMAN OLASILE Animal & Environmental Biology Science
641 BS1547100184 AKOROMA BLESSING CHIGORZIRIM Animal & Environmental Biology Science
642 BS1547100596 AKUJOBI GODWIN ONYEBUCHI Animal & Environmental Biology Science
643 BS1547100670 ALALE OYINPREYE Animal & Environmental Biology Science
644 BS1547100155 ALIBA UGOCHUKWU PLEASANT Animal & Environmental Biology Science
645 BS1547100125 ALOBU NOBLE D-B Animal & Environmental Biology Science
646 BS1547100118 AMADI KELECHI PATRICK Animal & Environmental Biology Science
647 BS1547100332 AMADI UCHECHUKWU ALEXANDER Animal & Environmental Biology Science
648 BS1547100059 AMAH CHINYEGARUM Animal & Environmental Biology Science
649 BS1547100601 ASSOR DOMINION Animal & Environmental Biology Science
650 BS1547100451 AYORINDE OLUWADAMILOLA W Animal & Environmental Biology Science
651 BS1547100422 BAAGE RAYMOND KADISI Animal & Environmental Biology Science
652 BS1547100398 BAZARI GODWIN BARITEMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
653 BS1547100003 BENSTOWE FAVOUR BENJAMIN Animal & Environmental Biology Science
654 BS1547100640 BEREPIKI IBIFURO GLORIA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
655 BS1547100256 BERNARD JENNIFER BARIGBUE Animal & Environmental Biology Science
656 BS1547100198 BROWN EVA WARIBANI Animal & Environmental Biology Science
657 BS1547100170 CHIJIOKE JOSHUA OGHENEMIRO Animal & Environmental Biology Science
658 BS1547100608 CHUKWU WISDOM CHICHEBEM Animal & Environmental Biology Science
659 BS1547100263 DENNIS JENNIFER Animal & Environmental Biology Science
660 BS1547100211 DICKEY CHIBUIKE PETER Animal & Environmental Biology Science
661 BS1547100261 DUMLEE JOY BARIDURA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
662 BS1547100465 EDUM JOY KENOYE Animal & Environmental Biology Science
663 BS1547100004 EFEKIMO OGHENEFEJIRO LUCIA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
664 BS1547100625 EFEREBO EFEREBO JUNIOR Animal & Environmental Biology Science
665 BS1547100181 EGBERIBIN OKUROGHE Animal & Environmental Biology Science
666 BS1547100547 ELIJAH CHIDIEBERE SAMUEL Animal & Environmental Biology Science
667 BS1547100533 ELOCHUKWU CALEB RALUCHI Animal & Environmental Biology Science
668 BS1547100361 EMMANUEL TAMUNOEMI DANIEL Animal & Environmental Biology Science
669 BS1547100551 EPHRAIM HENRY PAUL Animal & Environmental Biology Science
670 BS1547100192 ETIM GOODNESS EYO Animal & Environmental Biology Science
671 BS1547100464 EUGENE GIFT ODOHEMENAM Animal & Environmental Biology Science
672 BS1547100658 EWO PRINCE UGOCHUKWU Animal & Environmental Biology Science
673 BS1547100558 FRANK GIFT Animal & Environmental Biology Science
674 BS1547100235 GODSPOWER PRAISE AMARACHI Animal & Environmental Biology Science
675 BS1547100572 HORSFALL TEKE JEMINA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
676 BS1547100257 IBEH PRAISE BOMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
677 BS1547100271 ICHEMATI NORAH NHAOMAMEH Animal & Environmental Biology Science
678 BS1547100339 IHESIABA REWARD UCHEOMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
679 BS1547100031 INNOCENT GIDEON CHIBUDOM Animal & Environmental Biology Science
680 BS1547100699 KAIZER ATAMUNO CLINTON Animal & Environmental Biology Science
681 BS1547100792 KINGSLEY SUCCESS BARIBEFII Animal & Environmental Biology Science
682 BS1547100270 KODIKO MERCY AVWIROROTOMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
683 BS1547100599 MBOOH BARIDOMALE ANITA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
684 BS1547100201 MEGWALU UCHECHUKWU GLORIA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
685 BS1547100051 NAFOR BRIGHT KAKABEL Animal & Environmental Biology Science
686 BS1547100106 NDUBUEZE NNODIM CHIMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
687 BS1547100429 NGOCHINDO AJURI VICTOR Animal & Environmental Biology Science
688 BS1547100405 NGOZI HAPPINESS ANWIRIKA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
689 BS1547100374 NKASIOBI-EJIMA UWOUMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
690 BS1547100037 NWIKINANE LEKIA ANDY Animal & Environmental Biology Science
691 BS1547100511 NWOYE VERA SOROMTOCHUKWU Animal & Environmental Biology Science
692 BS1547100657 NZOR ERIC BARIYIMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
693 BS1547100114 OBIORAH VICTOR OLUCHUKWU Animal & Environmental Biology Science
694 BS1547100132 OBUA RUTH SAMPSON Animal & Environmental Biology Science
695 BS1547100762 OCHIA ISABELLA OROMA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
696 BS1547100148 OMONIABIPI PIRIYE GLORIA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
697 BS1547100555 OMUNGU ALAEREBO BANIMIBO-OFORI Animal & Environmental Biology Science
698 BS1547100204 ORIGHO AKPESIRI PRECIOUS Animal & Environmental Biology Science
699 BS1547100434 OSOH AUGUSTINA ENIFOME Animal & Environmental Biology Science
700 BS1547100483 OYAGBARA JULIUS OGHENETEGA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
701 BS1555500002 PHILIP SMART Animal & Environmental Biology Science
702 BS1547100744 ROBINSON JUDE Animal & Environmental Biology Science
703 BS1547100787 TIMOTHY PRECIOUS CHITURU Animal & Environmental Biology Science
704 BS1547100115 UCHEM VIVIAN CHIKA Animal & Environmental Biology Science
705 BS1547100448 UGOH-GODWIN ADEZE GIFT Animal & Environmental Biology Science
706 BS1547100784 UKOT OWENS PENINNAH Animal & Environmental Biology Science
707 BS1547100306 UKPONG IMACHRIST RAPHAEL Animal & Environmental Biology Science
708 BS1547100273 UME-EZEOKE NNENNA CHINONYELUM Animal & Environmental Biology Science
709 BS1547100496 VINEI KUMAI Animal & Environmental Biology Science
710 BS1547100627 WAGWU CHIMEZE PRINCEWILL Animal & Environmental Biology Science
711 BS1547100351 WONSURUM CHIJIOKE DAVISON Animal & Environmental Biology Science
712 BS1555350008 ABIAKAM CHIAMAKA JOY Biochemistry Science
713 BS1547100710 ABRAHAM WISDOM CHINONSO Biochemistry Science
714 BS1547100385 ADADA STANLEY GODSPOWER Biochemistry Science
715 BS1547100384 ADEBAYO AYOBAMI STEPHEN Biochemistry Science
716 BS1547100641 ADEWALE KARIMO Biochemistry Science
717 BS1547100431 AFOEGBA PREYE PRESLEY Biochemistry Science
718 BS1547100288 AKE CHIWENDU MACAULEY Biochemistry Science
719 BS1547100606 ALI CHUKWUKA PROMISE Biochemistry Science
720 BS1547100298 AMADI GOODNESS CHIMBURUOMA Biochemistry Science
721 BS1547100735 AMINAYANASAM RUTH TOM-QUINN Biochemistry Science
722 BS1555350002 AZUWANE NGOZI ORLUMATI Biochemistry Science
723 BS1547100639 BILA MIETIMI CYNTHIA Biochemistry Science
724 BS1547100336 BORNU GRACE GIOBARI Biochemistry Science
725 BS1555350003 BROWN NAOMI PHILIP Biochemistry Science
726 BS1547100609 CHUKU MIRACLE DASO Biochemistry Science
727 BS1547100616 CHUKWUEMEKA CHIDINMA Biochemistry Science
728 BS1547100629 DAAGBO BENEDICT TOMBARI Biochemistry Science
729 BS1555350027 DURU QUEEN Biochemistry Science
730 BS1547100103 ECHE EBERECHI HOMASON Biochemistry Science
731 BS1547100154 EDORI ONISOFIETU UDIOMUNU Biochemistry Science
732 BS1555350042 EGBUJOR MIRACLE PRINCESS Biochemistry Science
733 BS1547100249 ELERU REWARD KEMKANMA Biochemistry Science
734 BS1547100359 EMMANUEL MIRACLE ERUCHI Biochemistry Science
735 BS1555350016 ENOCH VICTORY CHIDINMA Biochemistry Science
736 BS1547100093 ENYI CHIMELE MIRACLE Biochemistry Science
737 BS1547100169 EPELLE CHARITY DIEPRIYE Biochemistry Science
738 BS1547100376 EREFA-A BELEMA Biochemistry Science
739 BS1547100463 EUGENE SUCCESS ODOEMENAM Biochemistry Science
740 BS1547100675 FRED-OLUKA SUSAN MIMI Biochemistry Science
741 BS1547100369 GARAH GLORIA TOMBARI Biochemistry Science
742 BS1555350026 IGOR HISTORY Biochemistry Science
743 BS1547100517 IKOTUN VICTOR OYEWOLE Biochemistry Science
744 BS1547100320 IKPE PRECIOUS CHINENYE Biochemistry Science
745 BS1547100780 IKURU UBAMARA GRACE Biochemistry Science
746 BS1547100731 ILOABUCHI JENNIFER CHINEMEREM Biochemistry Science
747 BS1547100122 IMO PRECIOUS CHIDINMA Biochemistry Science
748 BS1547100203 ISAH DAVID OJIMAOJO Biochemistry Science
749 BS1547100767 JOHN NORA CONFIDENCE Biochemistry Science
750 BS1547100152 JUDE MIRACLE CHIBURUOMA Biochemistry Science
751 BS1547100262 KINGSON ELSIE ONYINYECHI Biochemistry Science
752 BS1547100484 KIO-TAMS PRECIOUS-JEWEL ERE Biochemistry Science
753 BS1547100360 KOMENE KABORLOBARI DANIEL Biochemistry Science
754 BS1547100779 KOVI FAITH BARIDUKAKA Biochemistry Science
755 BS1555350007 KPUGIPIE DUMBARI Biochemistry Science
756 BS1547100120 LEVI MANGIMA Biochemistry Science
757 BS1547100061 MACKSON DAOBAKAM Biochemistry Science
758 BS1555350012 MADU UJUNWA BLESSING Biochemistry Science
759 BS1547100498 MADUEKE FAVOUR CHIDIMMA Biochemistry Science
760 BS1547100052 NAFOR TAVENU Biochemistry Science
761 BS1547100141 NATREBO ISOKARIARI ABIYE Biochemistry Science
762 BS1547100191 NDIDI PRECIOUS ONYEKACHI Biochemistry Science
763 BS1547100420 NDUKA FAVOUR OLAMMA Biochemistry Science
764 BS1547100509 NNOZOR ANNE UCHENNA Biochemistry Science
765 BS1547100325 NWACHUKWU MIRACLE AMARACHI Biochemistry Science
766 BS1547100664 NYECHE GOODNESS CHIZI Biochemistry Science
767 BS1547100259 OBIJURU GIFT Biochemistry Science
768 BS1547100334 OGBONNA NEBAI CHINEKWU Biochemistry Science
769 BS1547100633 OKACHUKWU IKECHI Biochemistry Science
770 BS1555350022 OKEKE NONSO GODSWILL Biochemistry Science
771 BS1547100663 OKOROAFO PRINCEWILL EKE Biochemistry Science
772 BS1547100395 OKWUKWU PEACE ALIEZI Biochemistry Science
773 BS1547100277 OLLORNWI EBENEZER VICTOR Biochemistry Science
774 BS1547100441 ONUOHA CHUKWUEMEKA OGBONNA Biochemistry Science
775 BS1547100291 ONYEKA FORTUNE OVUNDAH Biochemistry Science
776 BS1547100472 OSOH PEACE CHUKWUMUEYA Biochemistry Science
777 BS1547100321 OTAMIRI FELICITY KEMDIRIM Biochemistry Science
778 BS1555350028 PETER PRECIOUS AGBAM Biochemistry Science
779 BS1555350011 POROBE VIVIAN LOBARI Biochemistry Science
780 BS1547100220 SAALE GOLDEN BARINE-EEBA Biochemistry Science
781 BS1547100366 SHADRACK STELLA Biochemistry Science
782 BS1547100040 TARIAH FAVOUR INIYE Biochemistry Science
783 BS1547100133 TITUS BLESSING JOSEPH Biochemistry Science
784 BS1555350033 UKALA FAVOR OGECHI Biochemistry Science
785 BS1547100084 UMUNAKWE CHIKAODINAKA BENITA Biochemistry Science
786 BS1547100063 UZO CHUKWUEMELIE IKENNA Biochemistry Science
787 BS1547100636 WONAH NOBLE Biochemistry Science
788 BS1547100673 ZORBAI BIRAGBARA JUNIOR Biochemistry Science
789 BS1530150034 AFE ONOME SAMUEL Computer Science Science
790 BS1530150051 AIBANGBE ALLEN OSAGIE Computer Science Science
791 BS1530150009 AKPUNONU CHIDOZIE JOSEPH Computer Science Science
792 BS1555700002 ALABO DIKE AWHAYI Computer Science Science
793 BS1555700059 ARINOLA OLUBANJO SAMUEL Computer Science Science
794 BS1530150053 AROWOLO EMMANUEL TEMIDAYO Computer Science Science
795 BS1555700001 CLEMENT CLEMENTINA EKPEMUTO Computer Science Science
796 BS1555700050 EZERE IKECHUKWU JOSHUA Computer Science Science
797 BS1555700026 FUBARA OSEENY Computer Science Science
798 BS1555700079 GEORGE MICAH ABIPI Computer Science Science
799 BS1555700072 IGWE FAVOUR MANUCHIM Computer Science Science
800 BS1530150046 ISHIE UBIAOMA OLISENEDUM Computer Science Science
801 BS1555700075 KALU PRAISE CHIDINMA Computer Science Science
802 BS1555700049 KAMIL OLATUNJI AZEEZ Computer Science Science
803 BS1555700054 KAYODE MICHAEL OLATUNJI Computer Science Science
804 BS1555700036 NGARO LWASAM RICHARD Computer Science Science
805 BS1555700063 NIXON-IRABOR NICOLE Computer Science Science
806 BS1555700021 NNORUKA UGOCHUKWU CHIMEZIE Computer Science Science
807 BS1555700057 NWAFOR CHIBUIKE PHADA Computer Science Science
808 BS1555700064 NWANKWOALA BRIGHT IFEANYI Computer Science Science
809 BS1555700017 NWILE LEERABARI MIRACLE Computer Science Science
810 BS1555700015 OBUNA OBINWANNE G Computer Science Science
811 BS1530150040 OKEAGU IKECHI CHIBUZO Computer Science Science
812 BS1555700069 OKEKE CHUKWUBUEZE Computer Science Science
813 BS1555700004 OLIE CHIDINMA FAVOUR Computer Science Science
814 BS1555700081 PEREBOSIGHE STEPHEN BIBRINBIE Computer Science Science
815 BS1555700030 SIBE MOSES OGHENEKEVWE Computer Science Science
816 BS1555700009 UKAEGBU CHAIRMAN UGO Computer Science Science
817 BS1555700041 WARI-TOBY CHARLES TAMUNONIMI Computer Science Science
818 BS1530650033 AGAWHO ERNEST UNAH Geology Science
819 BS1530650058 AKE CHUKWUDI MACAULEY Geology Science
820 BS1530650103 ANOKE IFEANYICHUKWU STANLEY Geology Science
821 BS1530650082 ATUCHUKWU CHINECHEREM FAVOUR Geology Science
822 BS1530650007 BALOGUN JOHN DELE Geology Science
823 BS1530650032 BASSEY KINGSLEY UBONG Geology Science
824 BS1530650178 BATUBO SOMIEARI LARRY Geology Science
825 BS1555650008 BERENENGIA AYEBANENGIMOTE Geology Science
826 BS1530650115 DAVID OTO-OBONG ENO Geology Science
827 BS1530650013 DAVID PROSPER OBIYESEIMO Geology Science
828 BS1530650018 DEINGHAN THEOPHILUS Geology Science
829 BS1530650030 EFE-IMIDE ISAAC OGHENENYOREME Geology Science
830 BS1530650047 EMERE-IGWE AMEJIMA-OBARI Geology Science
831 BS1555650014 ENAWORU EMMANUEL OGHENETEGA Geology Science
832 BS1555650024 ENEMUO CHUKWUNONSO EMMANUEL Geology Science
833 BS1530650006 JACK OWANATE SOTONYE Geology Science
834 BS1530650057 KADIRI SEYID OSHIOLEMA Geology Science
835 BS1530650172 KEEMAH APOLLOS TAANADEEBABARI Geology Science
836 BS1530650020 KEMEFA EBIMOBOWEI APRAILA Geology Science
837 BS1530650129 KESHINRO DAMILOLA DAVID Geology Science
838 BS1555650039 MORRISON KINGSLEY ERNEST Geology Science
839 BS1555650040 NJOKU CLIFF JUNIOR Geology Science
840 BS1530650026 NWUBANI KELECHI DANIEL Geology Science
841 BS1555650023 OBILOR CHIMA SAVIOUR Geology Science
842 BS1555650025 OKAFOR EZINNE CHIAMAKA Geology Science
843 BS1530650051 OKONU DESTINY UGWECHI Geology Science
844 BS1530650165 OLADIMEJI MERCY AANUOLUWAPO Geology Science
845 BS1530650131 ONWU ESTHER CHINEDUM Geology Science
846 BS1530650149 OTIASAH ADULPHUS MININI Geology Science
847 BS1530650040 OYISHOMA JOHN MICHAEL Geology Science
848 BS1530650126 PAUL FERDINARD JIBRIN Geology Science
849 BS1530650136 THANKGOD UMASOYE MELVIN Geology Science
850 BS1530650118 UBOCHI GODLIVES SUNDAY Geology Science
851 BS1530250090 ADOLPHUS VICTOR OLALILE Mathematics & Statistics Science
852 BS1530650077 AGHEDO MARVIN CHUKWUYEM Mathematics & Statistics Science
853 BS1530100018 ARUBI ERNEST EMUOBO Mathematics & Statistics Science
854 BS1530250106 AUSTINE-GBARABA BARITUKA Mathematics & Statistics Science
855 BS1530250003 CHU FRIDAY NNANA Mathematics & Statistics Science
856 BS1530250127 DEKERA TERKUMA BENJAMIN Mathematics & Statistics Science
857 BS1555770007 DOUMU PRECIOUS OYINTARE Mathematics & Statistics Science
858 BS1555770004 EBOGBARE AJIRI-OGHENE ANNABEL Mathematics & Statistics Science
859 BS1530650066 ENEBELI CHINEDU JOSEPH Mathematics & Statistics Science
860 BS1530100068 FAYIRE OSCAR OCHUKO Mathematics & Statistics Science
861 BS1555770001 FRIDAY AWAJIIMAM ALBERT Mathematics & Statistics Science
862 BS1555770008 IBANIGO EMMANUEL CLAUDIUS Mathematics & Statistics Science
863 BS1530100050 IGBEGIRI RAPHAEL MADUKA Mathematics & Statistics Science
864 BS1530100059 IKWUNGA LAWRENCE OZIYEOWELL Mathematics & Statistics Science
865 BS1530250026 JOB DAVID AZIBAODUSI Mathematics & Statistics Science
866 BS1530650075 MGBEDO CHIDIEBERE BETHEL Mathematics & Statistics Science
867 BS1530250019 OWHOR AKELACHI GODHOLD Mathematics & Statistics Science
868 BS1555770003 SEIMODEI EBIFIEKENEYA ADOLPHUS Mathematics & Statistics Science
869 BS1530100033 TANU TEDUM HENRY Mathematics & Statistics Science
870 BS1530650080 UBAKA ONUWA CHARLES Mathematics & Statistics Science
871 BS1530250006 UCHE VICTORY KELACHI Mathematics & Statistics Science
872 BS1547400083 ABEJIRIN ELIZABETH TOSIN Microbiology Science
873 BS1547400117 ADIGWE VICTORIA ONYINYECHI Microbiology Science
874 BS1547400094 AFOR IKPOKEME Microbiology Science
875 BS1547200007 AIGBEDION JEFFERY OSARUMWENSE Microbiology Science
876 BS1547400007 AKARI ITOEMUGH Microbiology Science
877 BS1555550007 AKPAN MAURICE NICHOLAS Microbiology Science
878 BS1547400157 ALOBARI ROSEMARY BARIGOODUM Microbiology Science
879 BS1547400092 AMADI CHISOM VICTORY Microbiology Science
880 BS1555550010 AMAKIRI VICTORY NWOZUKE Microbiology Science
881 BS1547400104 ATANGARI MABEL BEN Microbiology Science
882 BS1547400146 ATUBOKIKI VICTORIA Microbiology Science
883 BS1547400143 BERRY TAMUNOMIETE SUNDAY Microbiology Science
884 BS1547400100 BOYLE FLORENCE SAMUEL Microbiology Science
885 BS1555550001 CHINNAH GIFT NGOZI Microbiology Science
886 BS1547400137 CHINWI MIRACLE CHRISTOPHER Microbiology Science
887 BS1547400186 CHIZI ESSENCE CHIMYAGARUM Microbiology Science
888 BS1555550033 CHOKO LILIAN OGADINMA Microbiology Science
889 BS1547400055 DAMABEL TORBARI BLESSING Microbiology Science
890 BS1547400095 DANIELS RUTH CHIMENEM Microbiology Science
891 BS1547400108 DAVID EVIDENCE SOCHIMA Microbiology Science
892 BS1547400168 DELUOLA GLORY ORITSEGBUBEMI Microbiology Science
893 BS1555550050 DIKE SONIA CHIDINMA Microbiology Science
894 BS1547400158 DIMKPA FORTUNE NNEKA Microbiology Science
895 BS1555550032 DOGARA BARISITOM LOVE Microbiology Science
896 BS1547400033 EBUBECHUKWU JOY CHIAMAKA Microbiology Science
897 BS1547400165 EKEOLISA CHIOMA HAPPINESS Microbiology Science
898 BS1547400072 ELIKOR BENEDICTA CHINOME Microbiology Science
899 BS1547400229 ENYI IHECHIMERE IMMACULATA Microbiology Science
900 BS1555550003 ESUKPA VIRTUE Microbiology Science
901 BS1547200002 FISISI IYEREFA-A NATHANIEL Microbiology Science
902 BS1547400211 GIOGO ANN BARIDULE Microbiology Science
903 BS1547400228 HYACINTH BARIAGARA SAVIOUR Microbiology Science
904 BS1547400051 IBANGA ROSEMARY GODWIN Microbiology Science
905 BS1547400225 IBEKWE HARMONY CHINONU Microbiology Science
906 BS1547400187 IDEE VICTOR BARISUKA Microbiology Science
907 BS1555550029 IGANI NAOMI PRATT Microbiology Science
908 BS1555550019 IGWE GLORY CHIZI Microbiology Science
909 BS1555550014 IGWE JONAS OBIYA Microbiology Science
910 BS1555550046 IJUBUAKU DESTINY CHUKWUEBUKA Microbiology Science
911 BS1547400169 IKAREMINRO IDANOWAJI Microbiology Science
912 BS1547200004 IKPOKU VICTORY GEORGE Microbiology Science
913 BS1547400121 IPALIBO-GEORGE CHRISTIANA C Microbiology Science
914 BS1547100392 IPEGHAN UMOR Microbiology Science
915 BS1547400160 IREWOLE TOSIN MORUFAT Microbiology Science
916 BS1547400029 ISHEKE SONIA DIEMIRUAIYE Microbiology Science
917 BS1555550012 ISI NORA WEGWU Microbiology Science
918 BS1555550036 ISOR NABARI EMMANUELLA Microbiology Science
919 BS1547400081 IYALLA MARY Microbiology Science
920 BS1555550024 JIM OSINACHI Microbiology Science
921 BS1555550006 JUMBO IMIWAK TUESDAY Microbiology Science
922 BS1547400058 KARIE ROSELOIS UWANYIN Microbiology Science
923 BS1555550040 KEJEH DAVID CHIMENUM Microbiology Science
924 BS1547400004 KULOBO IGONIBI MABEL Microbiology Science
925 BS1547400136 MARCUS UKEL SUNDAY Microbiology Science
926 BS1547400174 MARK UMAZUTAM VICTORY Microbiology Science
927 BS1547400030 MEABE MIRACLE LEDEEBARI Microbiology Science
928 BS1547400057 MEEDEM BARINAMLE Microbiology Science
929 BS1547400042 NAADUEBA GOD’STIME BARIFAARA Microbiology Science
930 BS1547400162 NAKAIMA NWIPIE LOVE Microbiology Science
931 BS1547400135 NICHOLAS BERTHA PHILIP Microbiology Science
932 BS1547400185 NJIDEAKA CHIOMA GLORIA Microbiology Science
933 BS1555550028 NMEHIELLE LEMCHI Microbiology Science
934 BS1547400027 NNAA NEKABARI Microbiology Science
935 BS1555550037 NNAJIOFOR CHINWENDU MIRACLE Microbiology Science
936 BS1555550049 NYIEDAM LELAR PL Microbiology Science
937 BS1555550031 OBED MERCY UTOMI Microbiology Science
938 BS1547400043 OGHOBERUO-UFIH EFEMENA Microbiology Science
939 BS1555550025 OKOROMAH PRECIOUS ULOMA Microbiology Science
940 BS1547100387 OKOYE SOMTOCHUKWU MIRABEL Microbiology Science
941 BS1547400010 OLISE SAMUEL IKECHUKWU Microbiology Science
942 BS1547200001 ONUOHA EMMANUEL Microbiology Science
943 BS1547400079 ONWUSAH PEACE GODSPOWER Microbiology Science
944 BS1555550053 ONYEMELUKWE ADAEZE VICTORIA Microbiology Science
945 BS1555550009 OWHOIGWE NGOZI SUCCESS Microbiology Science
946 BS1555550005 OWHONDA OSARUCHI REJOICE Microbiology Science
947 BS1547400045 PAUL JOY UYO Microbiology Science
948 BS1555550023 RICHARD NAOMI YEYE Microbiology Science
949 BS1547400181 TABAI EBIKELA Microbiology Science
950 BS1547100799 THANKGOD OTUOYE AKARI Microbiology Science
951 BS1547400140 UDOFIA FELICIA PETER Microbiology Science
952 BS1555550013 UKAEGBU PEACE IHEOMA Microbiology Science
953 BS1547400011 UWAMARIN CHUKWUYEM Microbiology Science
954 BS1530250100 ABANUM CHUKWUWEIKE GRAHAM Physics (Electronics option) Science
955 BS1530250114 ALEMOH CARDINAL IMONIKHE Physics (Electronics option) Science
956 BS1530250078 ANTAI IBIA EDUK Physics (Electronics option) Science
957 BS1530250121 CLEMENT ISRAEL Physics (Electronics option) Science
958 BS1530650060 EFFA EMMANUEL EFFIONG Physics (Electronics option) Science
959 BS1530650087 EMMANUEL STANLEY T Physics (Electronics option) Science
960 BS1530250016 EMUCHAY DANIEL Physics (Electronics option) Science
961 BS1530250012 FRANCIS JESSIE CHINAEMEZUNKWA Physics (Electronics option) Science
962 BS1530650010 ISONG PRINCE IME Physics (Electronics option) Science
963 BS1530250036 IYIKE SA’ID OSAYANDE Physics (Electronics option) Science
964 BS1530250116 JOHN CHINEMEREM Physics (Electronics option) Science
965 BS1530650072 MUSTAPHA OWOLABI SHEHU Physics (Electronics option) Science
966 BS1530250131 NKANTAH UBONG UWEM Physics (Electronics option) Science
967 BS1530250099 NWAKWUO QUEEN CHIOMA Physics (Electronics option) Science
968 BS1530650146 NWAOKORIE HANNAH CHINAEMEREM Physics (Electronics option) Science
969 BS1530650069 OMOTUWERE ISREAL OGAGAOGHENE Physics (Electronics option) Science
970 BS1530250007 ONOJAIFE DOMINIC CHUKWUBUEZE Physics (Electronics option) Science
971 BS1530250087 ONWUASOR CHUKWUEMEKA EMMA Physics (Electronics option) Science
972 BS1530650132 OWHORKIRIE YOUNG UCHECHUKWU Physics (Electronics option) Science
973 BS1530250021 OYEBIYI JOHN IFEOLUWA Physics (Electronics option) Science
974 BS1530250083 UDIM WILSON ALEXANDER Physics (Electronics option) Science
975 BS1530650031 WELEKWE GABRIEL CHINEDU Physics (Electronics option) Science
976 BS1555200001 WOSU JUSTICE NYEDIKE Physics (Electronics option) Science
977 BS1547100450 ADEMOLA-FAGBURE INIOLUWA SIMI Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
978 BS1555650003 ADIELE UMESI OSADEBE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
979 BS1547100688 AGBAA JUAN BARISUANU Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
980 BS1547400047 AKPAN-EFFIONG PROMISE IDARA Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
981 BS1555650019 ALAGBOR MARVELOUS NDUBUISI Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
982 BS1547100426 ALAGOA TAMUNOTONYE DEBORAH Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
983 BS1547100035 AZUNDAA FAVOUR CHITURU Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
984 BS1547100071 BASSEY GLORY STEPHEN Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
985 BS1547100274 BIDEKE GIDEON FEDUDE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
986 BS1547100795 BRIGGS IBIERE LEVI Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
987 BS1547100581 BUSENI WINNER OYINNEMIEBI Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
988 BS1547100021 COOKEY-GAM SOBA PRECIOUS Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
989 BS1547100678 DAPPA EMMANUEL SOBERE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
990 BS1547100504 DEE-UE ZINABARI CONFIDENCE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
991 BS1547100749 DIDIAH CHIOMA BLESSING Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
992 BS1547100605 DUKE PRINCE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
993 BS1547100655 EDAFIOGHOR ESEOGHENE JESSIE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
994 BS1547100708 EDE JAMES CHINDAH Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
995 BS1547100556 EDWIN ESTHER HARRIYE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
996 BS1547100474 EMEKA ETHEL ANTHONY Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
997 BS1547100095 EMMANUEL VICTORY UGBE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
998 BS1555650032 EVEREST ORLUNDAH CHRISTIAN Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
999 BS1547100411 EWENIKE OGECHI BERNEDICTA Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1000 BS1547100691 EZENWANKWO IFESINACHI LINDA Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1001 BS1547100406 FELIX TAMUNOBELEMA PRINCESS Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1002 BS1547100713 FIBERESIMA HELEN TAMUNONENGIYE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1003 BS1547100043 GBENENEH LEELEE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1004 BS1547100485 GREEN TUMINITAMUNOGHA DANIEL Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1005 BS1547100062 IFEANYICHUKWU VICTOR Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1006 BS1547400050 IFENUAGUTA ANDREW UGOJI Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1007 BS1547100110 IRUAYENAMA BELEMA GOLDEN Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1008 BS1555650013 ISRAEL ALISON ELOHO Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1009 BS1547100755 IWUNDU PRINCE JOSHUA Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1010 BS1547100562 JALLO EMMANUEL VICTOR Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1011 BS1547100677 JAMES JOSHUA MARCUS Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1012 BS1547400130 JOSEPH SARAH FEJIRO Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1013 BS1547100730 KINGSLEY CHIOMA LOVELYN Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1014 BS1547100047 KINGSTON WERELOO LEYIIBE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1015 BS1530300014 LEYIRA SORBARIKOR NKAMANU Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1016 BS1547100515 MANUEL DATEIM IBIKABOBO D Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1017 BS1547100671 MARGRET NNA LOVEDAY Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1018 BS1547100727 MARTYNS-NSIRIM MILDRED Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1019 BS1547100119 MEME BERNARD Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1020 BS1547100299 MOYEGBONE ORITSENEYE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1021 BS1547100267 NGEKE-AMOS SUSAN DADA Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1022 BS1547100697 NTUKPO VICTORIA TAMBARI Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1023 BS1530650160 NWALA INNOCENT Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1024 BS1547400075 OBOT UBOK-OBONG SOLOMON Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1025 BS1555770006 ODOEMENAM TOCHUKWU Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1026 BS1555770006 ODOEMENAM TOOCHUKWU Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1027 BS1547100719 OFUNIM EMEKE ISREAL Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1028 BS1547100473 OGBULUIJAH JUSTUS GOGO Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1029 BS1547100782 OGIDIWASURUM MARVY ONYINYECHI Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1030 BS1547100328 OKECHUKWU BRIGHT CHIMERUMEZE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1031 BS1555650027 OKOLO BLESSING Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1032 BS1555650007 OKPO MICHAEL ENOMFON Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1033 BS1555650043 OKWUME STEPHANIE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1034 BS1547100436 OLABODE MORUF ABIOLA Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1035 BS1547100183 ONWUEGBUCHULEM PRAISE ADAUGO Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1036 BS1547100074 ONYEKACHI CHIAMAKA COMFORT Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1037 BS1547100250 ONYEKWERE BLESSING CHIWENDU Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1038 BS1547100643 ORIM FIMORORI EDIM Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1039 BS1547100595 OSINOWO ESTHER BUKOLA Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1040 BS1547100356 OSSAI DANIEL Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1041 BS1547100075 OTUONYE FAVOUR JAPHETH Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1042 BS1547100716 OYIBO ANDERSON Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1043 BS1555650021 PHILIP MIRIAN Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1044 BS1547100530 SAMPSON TAMUNOBUBELEBARA FAITH Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1045 BS1547100231 UFOT SAMUEL AKPAN Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1046 BS1547100108 UGUZO CHIBUEZE PROMISE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1047 BS1547100163 UKAEGBU EMMANUEL UGOCHUKWU Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1048 BS1547100487 UMESIE SUNDAY KEMZINUM Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1049 BS1547100200 WODU CHIAMAKA KINIKANWO Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1050 BS1530100011 WOSHI DIVINE MANUCHIMSO Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1051 BS1547100109 WOYIKE WARMATE PROFIT Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1052 BS1547100499 WUGATE KARALEE Plant Science & Biotechnology Science
1053 BS1530650012 AKAJU KELVIN CHIEMEKA Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1054 BS1530100079 AMIOFORI SOLOMON IMEERANI Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1055 BS1555650022 ASUQUO ESTHER AKANINYENE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1056 BS1530650191 ATTAH-OKUNNU EZEKIEL ONUCHE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1057 BS1530650002 BISONG EMMANUEL OTU Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1058 BS1530650133 BRIGGS IBIFUBARA GODDAY Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1059 BS1530250073 EDEME IFEANYI JUDE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1060 BS1530300007 EMMANSON EBENEZER SUNDAY Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1061 BS1530650144 FABIAN KINGSTON Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1062 BS1530100071 GOYA RAPHAEL OMERE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1063 BS1530150084 HARCOURT NKEHALEM ELVIS Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1064 BS1530650151 ICHEGBO CHIKAKWO Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1065 BS1530250060 IGBAGI EMMANUEL FRIDAY Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1066 BS1530650156 ISRAEL EMMANUEL CHIGOZIRIM Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1067 BS1530650157 ITELIMA TAMUNODEIN HARRY Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1068 BS1530650138 IYEORON SAMPSON BONIFACE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1069 BS1555650048 JOHNBULL JULIE AYANATE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1070 BS1530650011 NWAOGWUGWU ISAAC CHIBUOKEM Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1071 BS1530650183 OKORIE TOCHUKWU Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1072 BS1555650035 OLUJI VICTOR Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1073 BS1530250115 ONOBRAEKPEYAN OGAGA PETER Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1074 BS1555450001 ONYENMA CONFIDENCE CHINYERE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1075 BS1530650110 OWHORDAH THANKGOD KELECHI Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1076 BS1530150008 PAUL OBINNA JAMES Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1077 BS1555700070 TORIGWA NAOMI NGODUE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1078 BS1530150094 ZABBEY PROMISE BARIVULE Pure & Industrial Chemistry Science
1079 BS1555700044 ADEYEYE AYODEJI OLUWAGBEMIGA Geography & Environmental Mgt Social Science
1080 BS1555650020 ASIRI SAMUEL Geography & Environmental Mgt Social Science
1081 BS1555650005 NWOBODO EKENENNA EMEKA Geography & Environmental Mgt Social Science
1082 BS1555650044 OMADACHI OGBODO JOHN Geography & Environmental Mgt Social Science
1083 BS1547400091 OSI AGAPE Geography & Environmental Mgt Social Science

Uniport 2016 admission list Pre-Degree to Degree This is to inform all those student of pre-degree basic student of university of port harcourt that the admission list is out of Uniport 2016/2017 admission list for from pre-Degree to degree

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