WHY APC’S RULE WILL NOT LAST  On 29th May, history was made in Nigeria. President Muhammad Buhari was sworn in as the next democratically elected president  of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. President Muhammad Buhari, who ran on the platform of Ad progressive congress (APC), defeated the immanent president Goodluck Jonathan of the People Democratic Party (P.D.P),  the  way or a political transition from one party to another for the first time, much to the chignon of political prophets that have predicted form after the 2015 election. Bringing on end to 15  years rule of the people’s democratic party (P.D.P), after some of the party leaders had boasted they will rule the country perpetually.

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Though the defeat of PDP at the 2015 general elections surprised many people, that was because they refused to read the hand-written on Nigeria, political wall. The defeat was even predictable for some select few. That is probably because there is no rain with rain cloud, and no fire without smoke. When the rain cloud we gathering the party leaders refused to take notice.

One of the fundamental causes of the defeat was weak internal democracy within the party structure. In fact, this was the genesis of  their problem. Every social organization is built on equity and justice. The principles of fairness, equity and justice means that people are treated equally without prejudice and justice is melted out without fear or favour. The them ruling PDP witnessed amalies like godfatherism, unfair primary elections and forceful imposition of candidates on the party by a select (Abuja list syndrome). Even a primary election was properly conducted and worn by a  particular candidate, his can stil be substituted at INEC office and someone else wil fly the party’s flag at the main elections learning members/even founding members) dissatisfied.

This probably led to the mass defections that socked the party at that time, culminating the defection of the 80 called G7 governors from PDP to APC. After all, in politics, there are no permanent friends nor enemies, only permanent interests. Through a perfect  at that time, Nigerians were equally tired of the hegemony of PDP, such that APC rode on this wave of general dissatisfaction to match power from  PDP. No wonder, the present APC has a good number of forever PDP stalwarts among its ranks.

However, these signs are beginning to rear their heads in the present APC structure.


No house will ever stand if its members continuously fight each other. This is evident in the current fend between the APC national leader chief Ahmed Bola Tinubu and the Party’s national chairman, Chief Oyegun odigie of recent, the two party leaders have been exchanging words in the Nigerian media, with Tinubu calling for the party chairman to be removed for betraying their trust, over Ondo State tuber elections. And the party chairman replying that Tinubu should stop playing God. This has already polarized the party into two groups, which can cause further divisions among other


Another fallout of the Ondo State APC primary elections is the reported impression some APC party members have that the party chairman went ahead to submit the name of Chief Akeredolu to INEC after several petitions by members that the primary election be cancelled to some of the candidates felt gross irregularities were carried and had already lodged their complaints with the national executives of the party. Some of whom are already that the party can either listen to them or forget about winning the upcoming  election in the state.


It the party do not nip these signs in the bud, what happened to PDP will still happen to them. Starting with defections of aggrieved members who could not find justice and laminating in loss of general elections.

Nigerians are now worry of the change the ruling APC promised them. Coincidentally, APC have delivered on their campaign promise: from economic growth to economic recession. With inflation rate at 17:8%, no Nigerian will say he has not experience the negative change in price of the most staple goods in the market, except the person does not eat rice. This is probably the main reason why APC will not win the next general elections, trust Nigerians.

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