Effective time management Time is that which stops everything from happening at the same time. In other words, it is the currency of life. We trade our time for whatever thing we want to do in life. Hence, effective time management is crucial in an individual life.

Time is like an enraged bull, such that if you want it work in your favour, you must learn how to control. Failure to manage one’s time can lead to unfulfilled goals, unfulfilled life, stress and inability to meet deadlines.



  • Create a Schedule:

Creating a schedule can be helpful in time management. A schedule is a list of proposed actions and the time allotted for their executions. Creating a schedule makes an individual to be committed to each every task listed. While make the list of actions, an individual is advised to make space for the big or important things first. Only then can the less important things follow. This will ensure that important things are given the needed priority.


  • Stick to the Schedule:

After creating a schedule, it is very important that the schedule is adhered to. This is because there is no need creating a schedule in the first place, if it is not to be adhered to. Although it is usually difficult to stick to the schedule, especially when there other enjoyable things like watching TV, visiting friends. It is better to do the important things first and catch fun later.

  • Be Prepared:

In carrying out any schedule of actions, the owner of the schedule needs to make some necessary provisions to ensure a hitch-free accomplishment of the schedule. Most of the time, carrying out the schedule will depend on the actions of not only the owner, but others. He would need to gain their co-operation, in order to ensure the tenets.

  • Avoid Procrastination:

When carrying out the schedule, procrastinating what should be done today, will negatively affect the execution of the schedule. Procrastination is an enemy to a schedule. In its entirety, any form of procrastination should be avoided to ensure full accomplishment of the schedule.


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