condemnation of  FG’s secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu

            condemnation of  FG’s secret trial of  Nnamdi Kanu     Still on the matter the Federal Government of Nigeria is not doing anything partnering the poor masses in Nigeria, they are there talking of trailing IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu  in secret this act is not normal and will cause more problems and agitation  nation wide , as a wise country one should try and be straight and serious about what ever they are doing with the IPOB Leader called Nnmadi Kanu, because some great political leaders are watching

waiting for how to set more fire on the case ,condemnation of FG’s secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu

ABOUT IPOB  LEADER  NNAMDI KANU …. This is a  Man that can cause more problem if anything happens to him , the East will boil more than ever before , sometimes we smell second civil war ,  and most times the government still calms’ down the fire on the mountain, if i may ask does the Government knows what is doing

At this time the Federal government should talk more on how the Nigeria economy , our people are crying and hungry , no money in the land there should be proper economy team and planners should also come inside ,

On the secret trial of the IPOB leader  Nnmdi Kanu , he said, “The law says that all trial should be in the open apart from juvenile. Even the military trials to large extent is done open. Some someone should kindly advice FEDERAL GOVERNMENT , THAT THE TRAIL SHOULD BE DONE AT FAIR PLAY , in order not to cause problem , please please please  think it may not be proper, it may not be very right to try him in secret.

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