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Green Nation and Value chain Limited is an agricultural corporate funding project company based in Nigeria and legally registered in Nigeria with CAC no RC 1384719.

Green Nation corporate headquarters is in Lagos. @ no. 12, Akinola cole crescent off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

Green Nation Ltd takes you through 4 levels of training while you’re making money as well in those levels

You’ll be taken to Isreal for some of these training by the company in level 3 and 4.
The list of the training’s are

Green Nation Brings to You ….

1. Cassava Farming

2. Cocoa Farming
3. Fish Farming
4. Flower Bouquet Farming
5. Maize Farming
6. Palm Tree Farming
7. Pineapple Farming
8. Poultry Farming
9. Rice Farming
10. Snail Farming
11. Grasscutter Farming
12. Piggery
13. Rabbit Farming
14. Cattle Ranch
15. Sheep/Goat etc

Once you pay the registration money and register you’ll be in level 1 and

We’ll add you in our WHATSAPP MEMBERS GROUP and use your referral link to register 3 new members.

Here is how you’ll earn money through the levels below.

Level 1

The 3 persons will pay you N13,200, each that’s 13,200 x 3 = N39,600.

From your N39,600:


N17,100 goes to upgrade you to level 2 automatically by the website.

N14,500 is held to resubscribe you,.

N8,000 is withdrawable. In level 1.

So that you’ll keep earning residual.

At this point, you’ll be moved to level 2 automatically.
Level 2
You will receive N17,100 from 9 persons each, that’s 17,100 x 9 = N153,900.

At this point N51,300 will be used to upgrade you to level 3 automatically by the website

N102,600 is withdrawable for you.

Then you’ll be moved to level 3.

Level 3
You’ll receive N51,300 from 27 persons, that’s N51,300 x 27 = N1,385,100.


From your N1,385,100: N205,200 goes for your level 4 upgrade automatically.

N1,179,900 is withdrawable for you.

Then you’ll be moved to level 4.

Level 4
You’ll receive N205,200 from 81 persons,

That’s N205,200 x 81 = N16,621,200

Now calculate your total earnings below

You earn
N8,000 in level 1 +
N102,600 in level 2 +
N1,179,900 in level 3 +
N16,621,200 in level 4 =

Total is N17,911,700.

Whooping total of N17,911,700
Is what you’ll earn without lifting hands in our Team building in Green Nation. is the official website.
Brought to you by Oscar and YOUR REWARD team.


Below is the whatsapp link
Our Team name is YOUR REWORD TEAM


07032488026, 08117735971, 08060674740




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