Africa and the Educational Mentality way of life

This articles is a serials of information on our neglect of our education system in Africa .Nigeria is a big brother to all the Africa countries as a nation we could to be leading in all big sectors in life , Heaven help those who help themselves . a lifeless education system is what  (Africa and the Educational Mentality way of life)we have in most Africa countries educational system without deal or empathy on how to go about it , its funny how our leaders carried it all , most student dont find it attractive anymore to study or continue with the system , everyone wants to travel aboard to study , if our politicians can do anything to send their kids off to abroad to study and later come back to take over the seat of power from where their father left on. this is really sad to hear . Africa and the Educational Mentality way of life


One good thing about life is that good things is not hard to see or touch , it simply means good things will always surfaces it self. quality educational system help to grown the younger generation , when the timing young  youth don’t  have anything in life to support for , no education , no quality life, no proper background , it kills the generation of that nation ,


Africa and the Educational Mentality way of life

Most educated persons in Nigeria , can’t even differentiate the differences between reality and assumption of life , the way an uneducated people thinks are quiet different from the normal educated one , we should all know this to be civil  , doesn’t really mean you must be educated, most person gets their formal education in different form . as long as you are on trending  right track of realty , one can be classify as an educated personal .we don’t need a classroom always to be educated . poor educational systems affects a nations ways of planning and doing things at a certain rage .any country that’s its  leader doesn’t support education or doesn’t even takes  it as a priority that leader is simply a joke , and a threat to development and democracy.

how low educational system deals with our Africa mentality system , if you have a president who doesn’t  key into the modern systems of education achievement  done by most developed countries in the west , that means such country is in big shit , it could be called a lifeless country being lead by a lifeless president , i will achieve the youth should act wisely and vote wisely on the next election for a better president that has a very bright future for the youths  and timing hard working Nigerians all over the world ,

As a Nigeria 16 years of PDP is totally a waste of time , if it wasn’t a waste by now Nigerians schooling abroad wont be going out to study , we gat the money , the best of brains .Education system in Nigeria is all about try and error system of learning. what we need in this country is educational Revolution to the Government of the day .

written by west ezenwa

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