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    PROCREATION OF POLITICAL PARTIES, A PRODUCT OF PARTY DEFECTIONS   Defection is a normal trending politics so long as man is a restless political animal that yearns for the appropriate space to ventilate his nuances and in Nigeria, defection is a seasonal fad and peaks as election approaches. (Claver Opara, Sahara reporters, Aug 06/2018).  The writer further buttressed the above assertion with the slogan “No permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics”.


Contrary to the above as opined by the writer with relevance to the Nigeria scenario, it is unarguably true that conflict of interest that emanate from ideological polarisation along party lines, political selfishness and desperation explains the irresistible appetite as a rationale behind the incessant defections that have ravaged the Nigerian polity.                       

The procreation and proliferation of political parties is a function of the wave of defection sweeping across the political space. This is  perceived as a catalytic measure employed by politicians who capitalise on the birthing of political parties to actualise the power seeking ambition of some political harlots who target political relevance (politics of identification) rather than better the lots of the Nigerian populace by focalizing on developmental concerns.

Currently , efforts of these soiled politicians are channelled towards being on the political spotlight, while those who are already on the spotlight want to maintain the status quo.                  The major concern at this point in time as it connects to the political / party locomotion saga (defection),is the implication on the sustenance of the country’s nascent democracy. There is no hope for Nigeria’s democracy as the emergence of the legions of political parties only lead to the recycling and recruitment of old war generals with anachronistic and contaminated ideologies that are not in tandem with core Democratic tenets. Archetypal of such is the caesarian birthing of the All Progressives Congress (APC), by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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Just as in the movies, Nigerian politicians are acting the script again and the electorates who act as the political umpires and fans ,are keenly watching the  intrigues and suspense inherent and surrounding political philandering drama (Defection) that has taken the centre stage of events and does not require thrillers to gain publicity.                    

The mono benefit associated with this cross carpeting saga (defection) in the history of Nigeria , is the paradigm shift from a one party system to a dual type, as evident in the emancipation from the 16years consecutive rule of the PDP, a development that brought the APC to limelight.                    

Despite the identified plus , the heterogeneity of political parties statistically over 90 presently , is an encumbrance to the sustenance of democracy. Some of these parties maintain a caricature , fly-agaric and caricature status of which symbolic meanings and objectives are not clearly defined.

A fundamental and disturbing issue that should not be swept under the carpet is the need for the orientation of the electorates on the underground and ulterior motives of some adulterated political big wigs. Nigerians should not be hoodwinked into succumbing to the euphoria ideology that these mushroom parties mean well. A tentative guess here is that some of these parties are only puppeting instruments of some serpentine(luring) and satanic (deceitful) politicians who act as political demons capable of possessing the hearts and souls of their followers to achieve egocentric and unscrupulous agendas. Most of these parties will in no doubt merge and function under the auspices of the most renowned political parties (PDP and APC) at the peak of the 2019 elections.                    

Another excruciating impact of  the defection menace is  the numerical strength of these political parties resulting to the exorbitant financial cost of servicing these parties. This is sure an accountable factor for the robust sum appropriated to the INEC in preparation for the 2019 election, a development that has generated a political cackle. The skyrocketing of government expenditure in this regards has the potency of launching the nation in a state of financial hemorrhage.                   

In brevity , the damaging effect of political harloting by some politicians who see such parties as a breeding ground through the building of alliances with perceived winning parties has killer effects to the career of such politicians , their exited parties and even the host parties. To concretize this assertion, defection undoubtedly will instigate the natural death or thwart the  political future of notable political parties. The wave of defection that swept across the PDP in the 2015 elections, can be tagged to be a precipitating factor for the political relegation suffered by the PDP and has put her in a comatose state.

Similar trend is trailing the 2019 election and this precarious situation hangs on the balance the fate of the APC, following the gigantic rate of defection in the party. Also, the level of political acrimony that springs up from defection activities, poses great threat to national security. The Saraki, and the DSS shut down of the National Assembly, the call for the Senate president’s resignation and other show of shame exhibited by our so called leaders, are crystal clear examples.                     

It is appalling to state that the electorates ignorantly condone and abate the excesses of these political philanderers who function under the canopy of some mushroom parties to garner votes and activities strengthened through the indulgence in gonzo journalism style, and the use of Hocus-Pocus manifestos to entice and bamboozle the electorates. It is intellectually myopic to reason that a politician who could not perform optimally under the present administration or in any capacity ever served has any thing viable to bring to the table.                        

The bullet point here in line with the subject matter is that:                             * these suckling parties are avenues for pursuit of self interest rather than national gains measured in socioeconomic and political dimensions.                 *majority of these political parties have been modified to be fertile  breeding  ground to nurture rhetoric ambitions into full maturity, thus inducing a relegation of pragmatic governance to the background.                      * parties have become instruments of political witch hunting and settling of grievances,  as most of these parties are championed by aggrieved politicians who seek revenge of their perceived political haters.                       

In a nut shell, the activities of such dubious politicians who indulge in defection activities, portrays them as wolves in cheap clothing who specialise in shifting grounds from one political party thus sacrificing meritocratic governance on the altar of mediocrity (politics of subservience, Godfatherism).                

Thus it becomes worthy to state that only politicians with revivalist motives should be allowed to function in the political space, by doing a clear cut assessment of the  precedents  of politicians and not the political banner they fly . if this ideology is welcomed and prioritised, it will sure lead to the demolition of these sickle celled political parties without structure, in order to give room for parties with formidable structures  that won’t negate the core values of democracy.

Conclusively, emphasis on ideological framework rather than politics of plutocracy and tyranny is a catalytic measure to the termination of the transmission of paddy paddy government from one generation to another in order to have a transition to greater democratic height.

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