Rape cases of student/Teenage girls being abused and video

         Rape cases of student/Teenage girls being abused anRape cases of student/Teenage girls being abused and videod video  How to be safe as Year one Student Into Nigeria Universities, This article is not to make you scared, but as an eye opener for all those who got admitted into our great Nigeria universities, this is an obligation and remark, which  i have to take time to fish out some basic point , as a fresher you really have to be carefull mostly as a female student , i can see someone saying WHY?. my Dear  dont WHY? anything , the days are really Evil is prayer thats safes the whole wide world now, yea, we all need freedom from deep down our heart , but we all have to be careful in what we do as a person , we have gotten and read lots and lots of Rape cases and issues of killings among Fresher , what about joning bad boys or even Cult activities from the older students in the same campuses , just last week we got a case of young Teenagers being rape and sexual abused by her fellow students , this news is all over , everyday is like a whole normal thing now in the system we find our self , children please listen to your parents and parents please kindly watch and listen to your children and know and learn their needs in and out home,

As a fresher you might be carried away by things of this world , which is nothing by pleasure of the mind and body , when i was still growing up i use to see universities students around my neighborhood then being so serious and nowadays students don’t even care of what they do , attending classes is now a very big deals but those days it was all fun , fun, fun , please don’t drink away your future as a teen, instead , put more energy and time to your studies and come out quick with good grade , as a fresher , we all wanna have the best of freedom of SEX, SMOKING and hanging around with the big boys in the campuses or big RUNS babes around , let him who has hear let him hear well , vanity upon vanity is total vanity , all the evil money gotten from all this evil activities will sure go back the same way it came from, if you don’t change your way,Rape cases of student/Teenage girls being abused and video


If you mummy calls you always, and as about your day and activities in school , please don’t feel bad always know is mother care , no matter how much such calls come in , what about those who don’t have parents and are still fully oordinated , my dear appreciate what you have and live a happy life , remember, trouble no body and no body will trouble you as well , this is my little advice for those who cares to listen , prostitution is not a normal thing , this modern girls has taken it like a normal way of life , my dear sister give out your body for money , don’t give out your body to married men , don’t give out your self for useless activities, remember you will give account of everything thing either now or later in life ,

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