#Tonyecole for Rivers State Governor for 2019

What the people want and what the people dont want is different from what the cabals wants , this is  a true live story of our Nigeria Dreams , when we where all growing up . we all wanted good life , we all want to live happily we all wanted to see our friends being successful , but most youth in  Nigeria dreams are all   gone  down everyday , most youths are no longer focus, most youth are no longer ready to face the vision and live the life they also wanted when they where younger. as a Nigeria graduate , we face so many challenges , the worst of all is how to feed, get a good job , get marry and also settle down. have kids and train them like we where all trained at a time , but the Nigeria dreams keeps dieing every day . the facts there is that there isn’t any job , lots of people get involve in dirty illegal jobs in the hood , what wrong have we done , like most of my friends will say GOD, why did i come from AFRICA, why not America, Canada , but there is  something we are always getting  wrong , putting the wrong people at the right positions , we are all guilty of all, but shall we abide in sin/mistakes … the answer is, big NO…. so we welcome you all to the great positive change that we all want . There is no other person but Arc. Tonye Cole the man for the peopl we are glad to let us all know that Rivers state will witness a new thing in our life , a  man who knows how to shape the state to its normal and vibrant position again , we need good paying jobs, free crime zone , educated youths and  bring back the norms and value to the younger generation, industrialization and agriculture revolution at the national state level , VOTE APC VOTE TONYE COLE FOR GOVERNOR powered by Ezenwa West

www.bubblesnigeria.com#Tonyecole for Rivers State Governor  for 2019

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